Vol. LXXXV (85) 2001, No. 3

Vol. LXXXV (85) 2001, No. 3
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXXV (85) 2001, No. 3

Rice Production in the United States – an Overview
C. S. Snyder, N.A. Slaton

Mapping Soil-Available Phosphorus: Considering Changes in Crop Yield and Fertilizer Sales
Paolo Manunta, Len Kryzanowski, Doug Keyes

Dr. Keith A. Kelling Receives Robert E. Wagner Award

Corn Response to Phosphorus Placement under Various Tillage Practices
G.W. Randall, J.A. Vetsch, T.S. Murrell

Nutrient Management in Mixed Forage Systems
Tim Griffin, Mary Wiedenhoeft, Tom Bruulsema

Fertility of Oklahoma Agricultural Soils
Hailin Zhang

Almond Productivity as Related to Tissue Potassium
Edwin J. Reidel, Patrick H. Brown, Roger A. Duncan, Steven A. Weinbaum

Dr. B.C. Darst