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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

LXXXVII (87) 2003, No. 4

Removal of Potassium in Hay Harvests - A Huge Factor in Nutrient Budgets
C.S. Snyder

Phosphorus Variability in Fields with Homestead Histories
J. L. Kleinjan, C. G. Carlson, D. E. Clay

PKalc Software Checks Nutrient Budgets

The Critical Role of Nutrient Management in Mint Production
B. Brown, J. M. Hart, M. P. Wescott, N. W. Christensen

New Soil Test Interpretation Classes for Potassium
A.P. Mallarino, D.J. Wittry,P.A. Barbagelata

Yield Benefit of Phosphorus Fertilizer for Wheat, Barley, and Canola in Alberta
R. H. McKenzie, E. Bremer, L. Kryzanowski, A.B. Middleton, E. D. Solberg, D. Heaney, G. Coy, and J. Harapiak

Soybean Cultivar Responses to Potassium
T. Q. Zhang, T. W. Welacky, I. Rajcan, T. W. Bruulsema

Tracking Phosphorus Response of Cotton
C. R. Crozier, B. Walls, D. H. Hardy, J.S. Barnes

Bob Darst