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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

XCIV (94) 2010, No. 4

2010 Scholar Award Recipients Announced by IPNI

The Fertility of North American Soils, 2010
Paul E. Fixen, Tom W. Bruulsema, Tom L. Jensen, Robert Mikkelsen, T. Scott Murrell, Steve B. Phillips, Quentin Rund, and W. Mike Stewart

Role of Crop Nutrition in Narrowing the Yield Gap for Spring Wheat in Siberia
G. Gamzikov and V. Nosov

Agronomic Education and Credit for Purchasing Fertilizer Bring Environmental and Social Benefits for Coffee Growers–An Update
Reiles Zapata and José Espinosa

Global Crop Intensification Lessens Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Cliff Snyder, Tom Bruulsema, Valter Casarin, Fang Chen, Raúl Jaramillo, Tom Jensen, Robert Mikkelsen, Rob Norton, T. Satyanarayana, and Shihua Tu

Urea Volatilization Losses from Coffee Plantations
Luis Leal, Alveiro Salamanca, and Siavosh Sadeghian

Statement of ownership, management, and circulation

Agronomic Use of Phosphate Rock for Direct Application
S.H. (Norman) Chien, Luis I. Prochnow, and Robert Mikkelsen

Crop Nutrient Deficiency Photo Contest Entries Due by December 15

Precision Management of Root Zone Potassium for Corn: Considerations for the Future
T.S. Murrell and T.J. Vyn

On-farm Evaluation of Real-time Nitrogen Management in Rice
Harmandeep Singh, K.N. Sharma, Gagandeep Singh Dhillon, Amanpreet, Tejdeep Singh, Vicky Singh, Dinesh Kumar, Bijay Singh, and Harmandeep Singh

Study Guide for International Certified Crop Adviser Exam

AG CONNECT Expo Set for January 2011

Effect of Unrestricted Nitrogen and Irrigation Application on Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Pools in Greenhouse Vegetable Systems
S.J. Qiu and X.T. Ju

The Fertility of North American Soils – Summary 2010
Paul E. Fixen