Vol. LXXVI (76), No. 2 Spring 1992

Vol. LXXVI (76), No. 2 Spring 1992
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXVI (76), No. 2 Spring 1992

Our Cover: Almond trees display their blossoms in a California orchard near Merced in the San Joaquin Valley. See article on page 3 for some comments on almond fertilization from a top grower.
Photo by Dr. A.E. Ludwick.

Almond Grower Says Soil Fertility Is Key to Higher Yield (California)

A Systems Approach to Building ME Crop Rotations (Maryland)
F. Ronald Mulford and William J. Kenworthy

Economics of Long-Term vs. Short-Ter Soil Fertility Management
Harold F. Reetz, Jr. and Paul E. Fixen

New Publication Examines Spring Wheat Cropping Systems

Nitrogen Management for Ridge-Till Corn Production (Kansas)
W.B. Gordon, R.J. Raney, and D.A. Whitney

Corn Populations for the Northern Corn Belt
D.R. Hicks

Foliar Feeding of Potassium Nitrate in Cotton (Israel)

A Closer Look at Corn Nutrient Demand
Alan Olness and G.R. Benoit

Research Notes: Phosphate Interaction with Uptake and Leaf Concentration of Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium in Winter Wheat Seedings (Missouri)

Preplant Manure Applications for Alfalfa Production (Minnesota)
M.A. Schmitt, C.C. Sheaffer, and G.W. Randall

An Alfalfa Management Program for Optimum Yields and Quality (Maryland)
Les Vough and Morris Decker

Maryland Alfalfa Management Calendar

Continuous Grain Corn Production- Menace or Benefit?
A.F. MacKenzie and B.C. Liang

Research Notes: Aluminum Speciation and Soil Solution Composition in a Phosphorus Fertilizer Band (Oklahoma)

Research Notes: Strip Trials Improve Fertilizer Recommendations (Saskatchewan)

Progress Without Profit
J. Fielding Reed