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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. CI (101) 2017 No. 3

IPNI Program Report - 10 Years of Progress

IPNI Board of Directors Elects New Executive Officers

Increasing Nitrogen Use Efficiency Correlates with Lower Nitrate Concentrations in the Illinois River
Clifford S. Snyder, Gregory F. McIsaac, and Mark B. David

Impact of Controlled-Release Urea on Upland Maize in Yunnan
Mei Yin, Fan Su, Gui-bao Wang, Li-bo Fu, Hua Chen, Jian-feng Chen, Zhi-yuan Wang, and Li-fang Hong

Adapting Controlled-Release Urea to Sugarcane Production in Southern China
Liuqiang Zhou, Jinsheng Huang, Yan Zeng, Hongwei Tan, Xiaojun Zhu, and Shihua Tu

IPNI Science Award – Nominations Are Due September 30, 2017

Ammonia Loss and Fertilizer Nitrogen Recovery from Surface-Applied Urea during the Overwinter Months
Richard Engel, Carlos Romero, Clain Jones, and Tom Jensen

Tai McClellan Maaz Named IPNI Nitrogen Program Director; Tom Bruulsema Named IPNI Vice President & Research

Closing the Yield Gap for Wheat and Canola through an Adjusted Nitrogen Nutrition Index
Andreas Neuhaus, Marianne Hoogmoed, and Victor Sadras

Heidi Peterson Named IPNI Phosphorus Director

Cassava Productivity Linked to Potassium’s Influence on Water Use Efficiency
Kodjovi S. Ezui, Angelinus C. Franke, Peter A. Leffelaar, and Ken E. Giller

Managing Sulfur for Enhanced Productivity in the Irrigated Oil Palm Plantations of Southern India
Teki Nagendra Rao and Nasim Ali

The Development of the Potash Industry
Robert Mikkelsen

The Story behind the Diagram
Tom Bruulsema