Vol. 13, Issue 2, November 1999

Vol. 13, Issue 2, November 1999
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Vol. 13, Issue 2, November 1999

Release of Native and Non-Exchangeable Soil Potassium and Adsorption in Selected Soils of North China (China)
Cheng Mingfang, Jin Ji-yun, and Huang Shaowen

Identifying Fertilization Needs for Soybean in Argentina
F.H Gutiérrez-Boem, J.D. Scheiner, and R.S. Lavado

Phosphorus and Potassium Interactions in Acid Soils of the Eastern Plains of Colombia
Luis A. Léon

Research Notes: Effect of Potassium on Yield and Quality of Potato (India)

Beneficial Effects of Potassium Application on Upland Soils of Hunan Province (China)
Zheng Shengxian

Research Notes: Response of Some Rabi Pulses to Boron, Zinc and Sulfate Application in Farmer Fields (India)

Long-term Changes in Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Efficiency under Different Fertilizer Practices (China)
Zheng Tie-jun

Part A: Potassium for Yield and Quality of Mulberry Leaf in Relation to Silkworm Cocoon Production (India)
M.A. Shankar and S.A. Sriharsha

Part B: Effect of Applied Nitrogen and Potassium on Mulberry Leaf Yield and Quality in Relation to Silkworm Cocoon Characters (India)
M.A. Shankar and B.T. Rangaswamy

Cashew Nuts in North Queensland Respond to Phosphorus and Sulfur Fertilizers (Australia)
Noel J. Grundon

Nitrogen Fertilization and Plant Nutrient Status Monitoring - the Basis for High Yields and Quality of Broccoli in Potassium-Rich Vertisols of Central Mexico
J.Z. Castellanos, I. Lazcano, A. Sosa Baldibia, V. Badillo, and S. Villalobos

The First of Our Human Rights
Mark D. Stauffer