Vol. 16, Issue 2, November 2002

Vol. 16, Issue 2, November 2002
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Vol. 16, Issue 2, November 2002

Potassium Status of Soils in India
Rehanul Hasan

Corn Fertilization in the North Central Pampas: CREA Experiments South of Santa Fe
Alejandro Thomas, Miguel Boxler, Belisario Alvarez de Toledo, Raúl Houssay, Luciano Martín, Angel Berardo, Fernando O. García

Aerial Fertilization of Oil Palm
J.P. Caliman, Elikson Togatorop, Budi Martha, R. Samosir

Nitrogen and Potassium...Important for Oat Hay Yield and Quality
Stephen Loss

Variation in the Performance of Site-Specific Nutrient Management among Different Environments with Irrigated Rice in Asia
S. Abdulrachman, H.C. Gines, R. Nagarajan, S. Satawathananont, T.T. Son, P.S. Tan, G.H. Wang

Improving Nutrient Management Strategies for Delivery in Irrigated Rice in Asia
C. Witt, R.J. Buresh, V. Balasubramanian, D. Dawe, A. Dobermann

Dr. Ernst Mutert Retires, Dr. T.H. Fairhurst Named Director of PPI/PPIC East and Southeast Asia Program (ESEAP)

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Mark D. Stauffer