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Vol. 13, Issue 1, May 1999

Introduction to Oil Palm Production
T.H. Fairhurst and E. Mutert

About This Special Issue
David W. Dibb

Twenty-Two Tips for Practical Oil Palm Planters
E. Mutert and T.H. Fairhurst

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Management of Phosphorus, Potassium and Magnesium in Mature Palm Oil
Ian Rankine and T.H. Fairhurst

Some Nutritional Disorders in Oil Palm
H.R. von Uexküll and T.H. Fairhust

Agronomic Management of Oil Palms on Deep Peat
E. Mutert, T.H. Fairhurst and H.R. von Uexküll

The Oil Palm - Fact File

Fertilizer Use Efficiency in Oil Palm is Increased under Irrigation in Ecuador
Francisco Mite, Manuel Carrillo and José Espinosa

Iron Deficiency of Oil Palm in Sumatra
Sugih Wanasuria, Heru Setyobudi, I.B. Mayun, and B. Suprihatno

Suitability of Soils for Oil Palm in Southeast Asia
E. Mutert

The Oil Palm Nursery: Foundation for High Production (Mexico)
E. Mutert, Alfredo Sandoval Esquìvez, Aida Olivera de los Santos, and Elias Ortiz Cervantes

The World of Oil Palm

Oil Palm Clones: Productivity Enhancement for the Future (Malaysia)
E. Mutert and T.H. Fairhurst

Oil Palm in Southeast Asia, 1998

Interpretation and Management of Oil Palm Leaf Analysis Data
T.H. Fairhurst and E. Mutert

PPI/PPIC Nutrient Management Services for Oil Palm
T.H. Fairhurst, Armin Gfroerer Kerstan and Ian Rankine

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Sustainable Development...Agriculture in the Forest
Mark D. Stauffer