Vol. 15, Issue 2, November 2001

Vol. 15, Issue 2, November 2001
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Vol. 15, Issue 2, November 2001

Effect of Balanced Fertilization on Cocoa Yield (Colombia)
Armando Uribe, Hernando Méndez, Jairo Mantilla

Phosphorus Needs of Indian Soils and Crops (India)
K.N. Tiwari

Yellow Pines Signal Potassium Deficiency in Reforested Old Pasture Land in Tasmania (Australia)
Philip J. Smethurst, Arthur Lyons, Keith Churchill

Soil Fertility Kit - A Toolkit for Acid Upland Soil Fertility Management in Southeast Asia

Effect of Potash Application on Early Ripening and Yield of Cabbage (China)
Zhou Yi-min, Huang Feng, Wang Zheng-xiang, Zhu Jing-hua

Balanced Fertilization on Mango in Southern China (China)
Zhou Xiuchong, Liu Guojian, Yao Jianwu, Ai Shaoying, Yao Lixian

New Handbook on Rice Nutrient Management Now Available

Phosphorus Requirements by Garlic under Fertigation (Mexico)
J.Z. Castellanos, J.L. Ojodeagua, F. Mendez, S. Villalobos-Reyes, V. Badillo, P. Vargas, I. Lazcano-Ferrat

The Changing Face of Balanced Fertilizer Use in India (India)
K.N. Tiwari

"Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers
Mark D. Stuaffer