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Vol. 12, Issue 1, May 1998

Banana Response to Potassium (Costa Rica)
Antonio López and José Espinosa

High Fertilizer Input Can Increase the Yield of Late-Planted Wheat (India)
R.S. Narang, K.S. Gosal, G. Dev and B.S. Mankotia

Phosphorus and Potassium Nutrient Management for Vegetable Soils in Shanghai and Guangdong (China)
Yao Nai-hua, Zhao Dingguo and Jason Wang

Potassium Supplying Capacity of Some Lowland Rice Soils in the Mekong Delta (Vietnam)
Nguyen My Hoa, Upendra Singh and Henry P. Samonte

Research Notes: Fertility Management for Sustainable Cropping on an Oxisol of the Central Amazon (Brazil)

Potassium Supplying Capacity and High Efficiency Use of Potassium Fertilizer in Upland Soils of Hunan Province (China)
Zheng Shengxian

Dr. Fernando O. Garcia Named Director, Latin America - Southern Cone Program

Importance of Dietary Intake of Potassium in Renal Failure (India)
R. Prasad and R. Nath

Tree Phenology and Leaf Mineral Content in Mexican Plum under Rain-fed Conditions (Mexico)
Samual Salazar-García and Everardo Becerra-Bernal

Effect of Annual Potassium Application in Fixed Location Trials with Rice in Jiangxi Province (China)
Luo Qixiang, Tao Qixiang, Liu Guangrong, Li Zuzhang and Xu Zhoalian

Potash Development Institute Established in Pakistan

Potash Studies Show Early Benefits in Western Australian Grain (Australia)
M. Wong, N. Edwards and Yash Pal

Potash Improves the Yield and Quality of July Elberta Peach (India)
R.P. Awasthi, V.P. Bhutani, M.S. Mankotia, K.S. Kaith and G. Dev

Dr. Chen Fang Joins PPI/PPIC Staff as Deputy Director, Central China

Research and Education: They Are Mankind's Hope