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Frontiers in Potassium Nutrition

This 174-page, 20-chapter publication includes papers from a 1996 symposium sponsored by PPI-PPIC and the American Society of Agronomy. The first section covers basic perspectives focusing on how potassium movement across plant cell membranes and within the plant is both facilitated and regulated and also how potassium status interacts with basic aspects of cell function. The second section focuses on developing a new and fuller understanding of how potassium nutrition and cultural management interact with crop plant performance and quality factors.

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Managing Crop Nitrogen for Weather

The weather controls a great deal of the crop response to nitrogen. The contents of a new publication titled Managing Crop Nitrogen for Weather, based on the proceedings of a symposium at the 2006 meeting of the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA), provide details of experimental data and experiences of those engaged in efforts to improve prediction of crop nitrogen needs in response to weather conditions.