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Better Crops South Asia

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

VII (7) 2013, No. 1

2013 IPNI Scholar Award Recipients Announced

2014 IPNI Scholar Award Recipients Announced

Variability in Potassium Concentrations of Irrigation Waters in India
T. Satyanarayana, V.K. Singh, S. Chaterjee, S. Dutta, V. Govil, and K. Majumdar

Book Review - Nitrate in Leafy Vegetables: Toxicity and Safety Measures
Edited by Shahid Umar, Naser A. Anjum and Nafees A. Khan

Book Review - Acid Soils: Their Chemistry and Management
Edited by Dr. A.K. Sarkar

Potassium, Sulphur and Zinc Application Improved Yield and Economics of Rice-Wheat Systems
V.K. Singh, B.S. Dwivedi, R.J. Buresh, M.L. Jat, K. Majumdar, B. Gangwar, V. Govil and S.K. Singh

Response of Groundnut to Balanced Fertilisation and Omission of Potassium
A.K. Mohapatra, Priyambada Parida, S.K. Pattanayak and T. Satyanarayana

Potassium Response in Rice-Maize Systems
J. Timsina, V.K. Singh and K. Majumdar

Response to Potassium in the Rice-Wheat Cropping System of Red and Lateritic Soils
Sourov Chatterjee, Sudarshan K. Dutta, Kaushik Majumdar, Probir Kr. Saha

Nutrient Expert® Decision Support Tools for Maize and Wheat Launched in India

Potassium Response and Fertiliser Application Economics in Oilseeds and Pulses in India
Kaushik Majumdar and Vidhi Govil

Potassium: A Key Nutrient for High Tuber Yield and Better Tuber Quality in Cassava
K. Susan John, C.S. Ravindran, James George, M. Manikantan Nair and G. Suja

Mapping Potassium Budgets Across Different States of India
Sudarshan Dutta, Kaushik Majumdar, H.S. Khurana, Gavin Sulewski, Vidhi Govil, T. Satyanarayana, and Adrian Johnston

Current Research Supported by IPNI South Asia Programme

Role of K in Balanced Fertilisation
Adrian Johnston