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Better Crops South Asia

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

IV (4) 2010, No. 1


IPNI Scholar Award Winners for 2010

Nutrient Management Research Priorities in Rice-Maize Systems of South Asia
Jagadish Timsina, M.L. Jat, and K. Majumdar

Site-Specific Nitrogen and Potassium Management for Irrigated Rice in the Cauverty Delta (Tamil Nadu, India)
R. Rajendran, P. Stalin, S. Ramanathan, and R.J. Buresh

Fertilising for Sustainable Onion Production Systems (Nagaland, India)
Ethel Ngullie, V.B. Singh, A.K. Singh, and Harmandeep Singh

Delineation of Productivity Zones in Mandarin Orchards Using DRIS and GIS (Northeast India)
A.K. Srivastava, Shyam Singh, S.N. Das, K.N. Tiwari, and Harmandeep Singh

International Certifi ed Crop Adviser Program in India

Evaluation of Different Nutrient Management Options for Leaf Yield, Quality, and Economics of Betel Vine Cultivation (Kerala, India)
Usha C. Thomas, S. Chandini, S. Anil Kumar, Allan Thomas, and T. Satyanarayana

Use of Village-Level Soil Fertility Maps as a Fertiliser Decision Support Tool in the Red and Lateritic Soil Zone of India
Wasim Iftikar, G.N. Chattopadhayay, K. Majumdar, and G.D. Sulewski

Long-Term Effects of Integrated Nutrient Management on Planted and Successive Ratoon Sugarcane Crops
S.M. Bokhtiar, G.C. Paul, K.M. Alam, M.A. Haque, and M.S. Arefi n

The Current Scenario and Efficient Management of Zinc, Iron, and Manganese Deficiencies
U.S. Sadana, J.S. Manchanda, M.P.S. Khurana, S.S. Dhaliwal, and Harmanjit Singh

A Review of Crop Productivity and Soil Fertility as Related to Nutrient Management in the Indo-Gangetic Plains of India
Harmandeep Singh and S.K. Bansal

IPNI Crop Nutrient Deficiency Photo Contest – 2011

Research Supported by IPNI South Asia Programme

Adrian M. Johnston