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4R养分管理案例2 蔬菜条施磷肥用量减半 在英国和欧洲,蔬菜生产中磷肥撒施现象很普遍。这是因为人们通常假定在挖窝或播种前撒施的肥料会均匀分布在地表,而且撒施的N、P、K肥会被作物有效利用。然而,不断增加的证据表明,传统撒施的肥料并不总是一种最好的方法,因为它难以满足多种蔬菜幼苗或移栽苗早期的养分需求。由于蔬菜生长早期气温低,养分移动性差 .

BMPSCN Manual on Soil and Plant Analysis and Fertilizer Recommendation - Best Management Practices for Sustainable Crop Nutrition in Bulgaria

This Manual contains information on soil and plant sampling and analysis, as well as recommendations for selecting appropriate fertilisers for field crops, vegetables, fruit and viticulture. The most ...

Documenting Nutrient Deficiency and Accumulation Rate in Vegetables

Greenhouse hydroponic study to document nutrient deficiency symptoms in various annual and perennial crops

Study on Nutrient Management Technology for Vegetables in Wuhan

Over fertilization for vegetable in Wuhan is very serious problem. Therefore, supported by IPNI China program, the project cooperators in Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Science carried out this researc ...