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Soil Acidity And Liming

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Long-Term Impacts of Poultry Litter on Soil pH and Phosphorus in No-Till

Catherine Fleming-Wimer, Mark Reiter, Rory Maguire, and Steve Phillips


Luís Ignácio Prochnow著, 谢玲 译 涂仕华 校 如今的农业,比以前任何时候都需要遵循可持续原则, 才能保证建设和维持长久的土壤生产能力。高的土壤生产力包括高效利用作物投入品,保护环境,增加耕地经营者的社会效益和农民的更大经济收益。 世界上很多土壤都会随着时间推移而产生自然酸化。酸性土壤在热带地区分布特别广泛,因为那里的气候有利于土壤强烈风化。据估计,.

Overcoming Low Maize Yields with Lime and Potassium in Chiapas, Mexico

Soil acidity is a major constraint that limits maize productivity in the southern agricultural region of Chiapas, Mexico. The region’s dominant sandy soils are derived from granite in a lowland tropic ...