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¿Es Sustentable Fertilizar?

Adrián A. Correndo

Fertilización a Largo Plazo, los Resultados de Construir Ambientes durante 15 años

Presentación realizada en el taller del Congreso AAPRESID 2015, el 7 de Agosto de 2015.

Potassium, Sulphur and Zinc Application Improved Yield and Economics of Rice-Wheat Systems

On-farm experiments conducted at 60 locations in northern India demonstrated that yields and profits for rice and wheat increased significantly with a combined application of K, S and Zn along with fa ...

Potassium Response and Fertiliser Application Economics in Oilseeds and Pulses in India

A review of the published literature showed variable K response in oilseeds and pulses across India. Economic calculations, using current prices of crop commodities and potash fertiliser, revealed sig ...

Nutrient Expert Development and Assessment

This project aims to (1) develop, test, and refine new versions of Nutrient Expert (NE) for new crops and new geographies in Asia and Africa, (2) conduct field trials and build agronomic database for ...