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Plant Analysis And Sampling

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Potassium research at Uruguay - Exploration of Responses to Potassium in Western Uruguay

Paper and presentation at the 2016 Soil Science Congress of Russia

K experiment at Lake Bolac

Windrows indicate marginal K status

Wheat and Lupin Potassium Responses

Assessment of soil test and K responses for wheat and canola in southern Victoria.

Grain mineral contents in southeastern Australia

Results of a survey of wheat grain nutrient concentrations

Growth, Yield and Water Use of Wheat under Elevated Carbon Dioxide

Research on how elevated carbon dioxide will affect the growth and yield of wheat crops under future climates.

Nutrient Demand of Oil Palm Hybrids in Tropical America

Nowadays there are several oil palm regions in Latin America with plantings of the OxG material, which is a cross of Elaeis oleifera (American oil palm) with E. guineensis (African oil palm). There ar ...