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Nutrient Deficiency

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Признаки дефицита элементов питания у пшеницы

Коллекция фотографий, демонстрирующих признаки недостатка элементов питания у пшеницы.

Guía para la identifcación y el manejo de la deficiencia de nutrientes en cereales

Traducción al español de "A Guide to Identifying and Managing Nutrient Defciencies in Cereal Crops."

Improved Fertilization Boosts Olive Production in Morocco

Olives are one of the most important fruit crops in Morocco. The country’s fruit production has nearly doubled in the last ten years. But this higher production is mainly due to increased tree plantin ...

El potasio en la agricultura uruguaya

Experiencias en los últimos años

Nutrient Deficiency Pictures

Quiz for Birchip, Hamilton and Cressy

K deficiency in wheat

Seen in cereals at mid-tillering

Nutrient Optimization and Yield Intensification of Major Cereal Systems of Eastern India

India is the second largest producer of rice in the world with a production of 100 million t in 2010-11. However, it's current productivity is far below it's attainable yield level. Introducing hybrid ...

Documenting Nutrient Deficiency and Accumulation Rate in Vegetables

Greenhouse hydroponic study to document nutrient deficiency symptoms in various annual and perennial crops

Exploration of Responses to Potassium in Western Uruguay

Several regions of Uruguay has recently shown K deficiencies and responses. This project looks to determine the different areas with K deficiency, evaluate responses in the main field crops, and provi ...

Suppression of Disease with Agronomic Practices in Recently Released Spring Wheat and Winter Wheat Cultivars

Suppression of Disease with Agronomic Practices in Recently Released Spring Wheat and Winter Wheat Cultivars, 2007 This study was designed to examine whether a synergy exists between chloride (Cl-) nu ...

Effect of Boron Fertilization on Alfalfa Production

Effect of Boron Fertilization on Alfalfa Production, 1998 This research in northwestern Montana is evaluating the potential benefits to boron (B) applied across different phosphorus (P) fertility leve ...

Maximizing Canola Yield with Balanced Fertilization in the Saskatchewan Parkland

Determine the need and possible benefits of both S and B fertilization, as well as the interaction of these two nutrients, on rapeseed (canola) growth and yield in NE Saskatchewan.

Addressing Soil Chloride Variability and Its Management

Addressing Soil Chloride Variability and Its Management, 1998 In the northern Great Plains, grid sampling is not used by many wheat producers because of its expense. To be profitable, responsive areas ...

Chloride by Variety Interactions in Spring Wheat

Chloride is known to suppress several wheat diseases or increase the ability of wheat to withstand infection. Wheat response to chloride fertilizer has been variable, because response depends upon man ...