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Efeito da calagem na disponibilidade de micronutrientes para a soja em plantio direto

Dr. Luís Prochnow, diretor do IPNI Brasil, é coautor do artigo científico Efeito da calagem na disponibilidade de micronutrientes para soja, cultivada em solo sob diferentes tempos de cultivo em plant ...

Vídeo: Atualidades sobre a Nutrição com Micronutrientes em Café

Webinar ocorrido em 14/12/2016 - Palestrante: Dr. Tiago Tezotto, UNIFEOB - São João da Boa Vista. Produzido pelo IPNI Brasil.

Vídeo: Foliar Fertilization with Micronutrients: Concepts and Applications

Dr. Casarin discutiu como usar técnicas de adubação foliar para tirar vantagem da capacidade da planta para absorver micronutrientes pelas folhas.

Palestra no XVI Encontro Técnico da Fundação MT

Dr Valter Casarin, Diretor Adjunto do IPNI Programa Brasil, participou do evento como palestrante, abordando o tema "Dinâmica do zinco, cobre e manganês no solo e disponibilidade às culturas".


The role of boron

Micronutrient Field Evaluations

A summary of six experiments on field responses to micronutrients in western Victoria.

Nutrient Optimization and Yield Intensification of Major Cereal Systems of Eastern India

India is the second largest producer of rice in the world with a production of 100 million t in 2010-11. However, it's current productivity is far below it's attainable yield level. Introducing hybrid ...

More Profit from Crop Nutrition: Micronutrient Survey

A scoping study to develop a risk assessment for micronutrient deficiency in the grains industry.

Evaluation of Agronomic Practices and Quality Parameters of Timothy Hay

Determine how important maintenance fertilizer management is to maintain timothy stands and quality. Also whether additions of the micronutrient Cu are beneficial in maintenance of green color in timo ...

Boron Soil Tests - Understanding Boron Supply and Availability in Saskatchewan Soils

Boron (B) has not been studied extensively in Saskatchewan, and the current accepted soil and tissue test protocols and critical soil and plant tissue B levels were not developed specifically for this ...

Effect of Boron Fertilization on Alfalfa Production

Effect of Boron Fertilization on Alfalfa Production, 1998 This research in northwestern Montana is evaluating the potential benefits to boron (B) applied across different phosphorus (P) fertility leve ...

Maximizing Canola Yield with Balanced Fertilization in the Saskatchewan Parkland

Determine the need and possible benefits of both S and B fertilization, as well as the interaction of these two nutrients, on rapeseed (canola) growth and yield in NE Saskatchewan.

Seedplaced Boron for Canola and Cereals

This study evaluated seed-placed and broadcast B. When seed-placed B was spread over 25% of the seedbed, higher application rates (i.e. 2-3 lb/A) had a minimal effect on barley and canola germination, ...

Addressing Soil Chloride Variability and Its Management

Addressing Soil Chloride Variability and Its Management, 1998 In the northern Great Plains, grid sampling is not used by many wheat producers because of its expense. To be profitable, responsive areas ...

Chloride by Variety Interactions in Spring Wheat

Chloride is known to suppress several wheat diseases or increase the ability of wheat to withstand infection. Wheat response to chloride fertilizer has been variable, because response depends upon man ...

Chloride's Role in Maximizing Wheat Variety Performance

To understand the interactions of major wheat varieties with chloride fertilization, and evaluate effects of chloride fertilization on wheat plant pathology, plant maturity and thousand kernel weight. ...

Effect of KC1 on Physiological Leaf Spot, Grain Yield and Quality of Winter Wheat in Saskatchewan

Assess the benefit of chloride application to winter wheat varieties that display physiological leaf spot symptoms thought to be chloride deficiency.

Maximum yields in Canadian Prairie soils - investigations on the efficiency of large broadcast applications of fertilizer phosphate

Determine the effects of a large P fertilizer application on subsequent crop yields, P availability, interactions with other nutrients, and economic feasibility.