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Artículos de cultivos de invierno en Informaciones Agronómicas

Trabajos publicados en la revista Informaciones Agronómicas de Hispanoamérica (2011-2017) e Informaciones Agronómicas del Cono Sur (2006-2017).

Project Description - Updated nutrient response curves in the northern and southern regions of Australia

Soil testing is a key strategy in the efficient use of expensive fertilizer and other nutrient inputs, ensuring that the mix of nutrients applied match the fertility status and crop demand for the lik ...

Updated nutrient response curves in the northern and southern regions of Australia

The development of the Better Fertilizer Decisions for Crops database has identified gaps in the current region, nutrient and crop combinations. This project will generate data for the dominant crops ...

Improving P-efficiency in Crops Through the Management of Highly Effective Beneficial Soil Microorganisms

Better use efficiency of both indigenous soil phosphorus (P) and applied P fertilizer by cropping systems will extend the life of current mined world phosphorus deposits and reduce the need to develop ...

Panel 3 - Nutrición de cultivos alternativos

1. La experiencia canadiense en el manejo de la nutrición de arveja, lenteja, garbanzo y colza. Dr. Tom Jensen. IPNI Oeste de Canadá. 2. Claves para el manejo nutricional del cultivo de arveja. Ing. A ...

Dahlen Long Term Experiment

Outline of the experiment

More Profit from Crop Nutrition: Micronutrient Survey

A scoping study to develop a risk assessment for micronutrient deficiency in the grains industry.

Dahlen Long-term Nitrogen and Phosphorus Recovery Experiment

Long term crop responses to applied N and P.

Strategies for Improving the Crop Safety and Efficiency of Starter Fertilizer for Saskatchewan Crops

Crops were planted in flats of soil are prepared to simulate a seed-bed and a low-disturbance opener configuration (10% seed bed utilization). Eleven commonly grown Saskatchewan crops (wheat, barley, ...

Evaluation of Long Term No-till Effects on Soil Fertility

The adoption of no-till seeding systems in western Canada has been driven by a variety of factors, moisture conservation and economic efficiency likely the major ones. This project was conducted to ev ...

Optimizing Phosphorus Fertilization and Inoculation in Chickpea and Lentil

Develop recommendations for pulse growers in optimizing rhizobial and/or P-solublizing inoculants and fertilizer P for direct-seeding of kabuli and desi chickpeas and lentils in the semiarid regions o ...