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Foliar Fertilization

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Vídeo: Foliar Fertilization with Micronutrients: Concepts and Applications

Dr. Casarin discutiu como usar técnicas de adubação foliar para tirar vantagem da capacidade da planta para absorver micronutrientes pelas folhas.

Optimization of Winter Wheat Nutrition

Response of winter wheat to foliar sprays with Potassium Nitrate is studied in field experiments conducted in drought-affected areas.

2013 Annual Report - Foliar N on Wheat

Results and Interpretations The measure of green cover (NDVI), a surrogate for crop biomass, conducted prior to the treatment applications returned no significant differences between treatments. It ca ...

Summary of BCG field trial - Foliar N on Wheat

UAN versus granular urea versus liquid urea

Getting Nitrogen into the crop - efficiently and effectively

Presented at GRDC Ballarat Advisor Update Feb 06, 2014, and the SANTFA Annual Conference, February 21, 2014.

Evaluation of late nitrogen applications to achieve yield potential and increased protein content in wheat

In the southeastern Australian high rainfall cropping zone, growers have the opportunity to apply nitrogen later in crop growth because of the higher probability of followup rains. This project establ ...

Nutrient Demand of Oil Palm Hybrids in Tropical America

Nowadays there are several oil palm regions in Latin America with plantings of the OxG material, which is a cross of Elaeis oleifera (American oil palm) with E. guineensis (African oil palm). There ar ...

Effect of Foliar-applied Monopotassium Phosphate on High Yield Canola and Wheat Grown in Southern Manitoba

Assess foliar application of mono potassium phosphate (MKP) to enhance phosphorus nutrition of wheat.