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Strategies for Improving the Crop Safety and Efficiency of Starter Fertilizer for Saskatchewan Crops

Crops were planted in flats of soil are prepared to simulate a seed-bed and a low-disturbance opener configuration (10% seed bed utilization). Eleven commonly grown Saskatchewan crops (wheat, barley, ...

Impact of Long-term Phosphate Application and Level of Fertilizer Cd on Crops and Soils

Assess the rate of P application from various P sources having different inherent cadmium levels, on Cd uptake and Cd concentration of harvested grain from crops in western Canada.

The Factor of N and P Fertilization Affecting the Concentration of a Nutraceutical Lignan in Flaxseed

As lignans are derived from phenylalanine, an amino acid found in protein, it is logical to ask the question of the effect of nitrogen and/or phosphorus fertilizers on the final concentration of SDG i ...

Assessing Nutrient Content of Crops and Nutrient Removal as Affected by Management Practices

A study to identify mineral nutrient removal in the harvested portion of crops grown in western Canada.

Impact of Production System and Nutrient Addition on Grain Quality in Long-term Rotation Studies in Western Canada

Assess crop rotation and nutrient application on flax yield and nutrient uptake.

The Effect of Tillage System and Proceeding Crop on Phosphorus Response of Flax

Assess the interactive effects of tillage system, preceeding crop and P management on flax production.

The Effects of Potassium Chloride to Counteract the Negative Effects of Side-banded Urea on Plant Establishment

A series of experiments to determine if adding KCl to side-banded urea would increase the safety to the seedlings against the toxic effects of side banded urea, regardless of the separation between th ...

Increasing Flax Yields: A Closer Look at Fertilizer Utilization and Weed Management

Research results indicate that side-banding N with P at seeding will work well in flax production if there is good separation between the seed and fertilizer.

Speciation and distribution of cadmium in soils of the Prairies

Most of the Cd in grain results from plant uptake from soils which could vary in Cd concentrations depending largely on the type of soil parent material. This project will compare paired pedons of cul ...