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Revealing the Effects of Potassium on Rice Roots under Moisture Stress

Kirti Bardhan, Dipika S. Patel, and Dhiraji P. Patel

2012 Annual Interpretive Summary - Evaluation of the Potassium Status of Arable Soils in Ukraine on the Basis of Modern Soil Diagnostic Techniques and Development of Recommendations for the Rational and Efficient Application of Potassium Fertilizers.

The project aims to provide an accurate assessment of K status of arable soils, determine the demand for K fertilizers, establish the efficiency of K fertilizers in the soils of the main soil-climatic ...

Crop Nutrient Management Following Drought

Below you will find the list of these publications that are focused on the subject (click on their titles to read full articles).

Nutrient Management After Drought

This article covers some fundamental nutrient managment considerations following drought.