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Deficiency Symptoms

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Research with impact - Documenting the Need for Potassium in Uruguay - Exploration of Responses to Potassium in Western Uruguay

Agriculture in Uruguay initially developed in high potassium (K) soils, under conventional tillage and crop rotations that required no K fertilizer. The scenario changed during the last decades driven ...

Nitrogen Deficiency Symptom Images

Here are some images featuring nitrogen deficiency in various crops.

Improved Fertilization Boosts Olive Production in Morocco

Olives are one of the most important fruit crops in Morocco. The country’s fruit production has nearly doubled in the last ten years. But this higher production is mainly due to increased tree plantin ...

Overcoming Human Zinc Deficiencies with Proper Fertilization

Zinc (Zn) deficiency in human diets causes people to have many health complications, including impaired brain development, weakened immune systems, and stunted growth. Zinc deficiency is responsible f ...

2014/15 season: Maize crop at the Balducchi site of the Nutrition Network CREA Southern Santa Fe - Establishing a Plant Nutrition Network for the CREA Region in Southern Santa Fé

The Balducchi site at Teodelina (Santa Fe, Argentina) is one of the five on-farm experiments of the Nutrition Network CREA Southern Santa Fe, a long-term study started on 2000. In the 2014/15 season, ...

Sulfur deficiency in canola

Taken at Bealiba, Victoria

Les deficiences en phosphore peuvent causer d'énormes pertes en rendement grain chez le colza

Dans un essai mené dans la région de chaouia les scientifiques de IPNI North Africa en collaboration avec des chercheurs de l'INRA de Settat ont pu montré que des carences en phosphores entrainent des ...