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The Webinar Series of WG08-Nutrient Decision Support for Soybean Systems

The IPNI WG08-Nutrient Decision Support for Soybean Systems has launched a Webinar Series on December 13 with the presentation of Dr. Svetlana Ivanova and Vladimir Nosov on "Improving Nutrient Managem ...

El desafío de asegurar la producción de alimentos y utilizar el suelo de manera sustentable

Presentación realizada en la Jornada "Producción de alimentos y cuidado del ambiente: ¿Un desafío posible? El rol de los ingenieros agrónomos "organizada por la Asociación de Ingenieros Agrónomos de L ...

Potassium responses on wheat and canola at Glenthompson, 2016

Field work undertaken in association with Southern Farming Systems.

Mid-term Report of IPNI Soybean System Working Group

The Soybean Systems WG of IPNI has published its mid-term report which includes information of activities between 2013 and 2015.

Nutrición en sistemas productivos - Una mirada global

Presentación realizada en el Seminario Nodo Sur 2016 organizado por AAPRESID y la Asociación Argentina de la Ciencia del Suelo (AACS) en Balcarce (Buenos Aires) el 23 de Noviembre de 2016.

Vient de de paraître (en anglais): Un nouveau Guide sur les Cultures Fourragères

Ce guide de poche sur les cultures fourragères englobe les charactéristiques des plantes, la fertilisation et la gestion des éléments nutritifs, l'installation des cultures, les besoins des animaux, l ...

Palestra gratuita on-line - "Role of Potassium in Crop Production"

Data: 30/Outubro/2015 - 10:00-11:00 (Brasília)

K responses on the Southern Tablelands

Research trials with NSW DPI

Breaking Soybean Yield Barriers: Integrating Crop Production Practices & Comprehensive Fertilization Strategies – a Cropping System Approach

This project is studying the effects of different farming systems on soybean yield in major production regions of the Americas. The specific research objectives are to: 1) quantify soybean yields acro ...

Global Maize Project in Mexico: Celaya, Guanajuato

This experiment is part of the Global Maize Project that aims at identifying sustainably intensive technological options for maize.

Assessment of Soil Quality on TSN Plots at Ellerslie and Breton Utilizing Physical, Chemical, and Biological Properties

Assess the impact of consistent management, tilled vs no-till, straw removed or not, and N application rate on soil quality using physical, chemical and biological properties at Ellerslie and Breton, ...

Development and Implementation of Fertilizer BMP Guides for Six Selected Major Cropping Systems

A multi-stakeholder committee initiative, funded through a conservation grant, to develop a list of management practices applicable in North Dakota.

Effect of Phosphorus Fertilization on Field Pea Nitrogen Production

A site at Froid, MT was selected for the study, with a background soil P level of 19 mg P/kg of soil. A split-plot design was used with tillage (ZT vs CT) as the main plot, and crop and P rate as the ...

Forage Rejuvenation with Phosphorus Fertilizer

Evaluate the management of dry and fluid P fertilizers, applied with N fertilizer, to restore the productivity of low producing forage stands in Saskatchewan.

Optimizing Canola Production: Fertilization, Crop Protection and Genetic Yield Potential

Examine the individual and combined impact of three types of crop inputs: fertilization, crop protection and genetic potential for yield for canola (oil rapeseedl).

Phosphorus and Compost on Potatoes

Compare compost with mineral P fertilizer as a means of supplying P to potato.

Development of Agronomic Practices for Chickpea Production in Alberta

Chickpea production information has not been developed for Alberta. Information on cultivar performance, inoculation, seeding rates, seeding dates, and fertilizer recommendations will be developed.

Management for Maximum Economic Yield of Open Pollinated and Hybrid Canola

This research was initiated to determine whether higher yielding hybrid rapeseed (canola) varieties require a higher level of management to express higher yields, compared to older open pollinated can ...

Impact of Zero-tillage on Soil Quality Changes Under Crop Rotations and Fertilizer Treatments in a Black Soil

Assess whether or there has been a significant change in soil quality and/or yield trends in the 6 years since the field soil in this study were converted to no-tillage from conventional tillage.

Feasibility of a One-pass Seeding and Fertilizing System for Winter Wheat

Evaluate the feasibility of no-till planting of winter wheat in eastern Saskatchewan.

Maximizing winter wheat production with conservation tillage in the Northern Great Plains

Project assessing the potential for reduced tillage production of winter wheat in the Northern Great Plains