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Balanced Fertilization of Grain Crops in Egypt Can Double Yields

In Egypt, the application of mineral fertilizers is highly skewed towards nitrogen, which has led to the gradual depletion of other nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, and several micronutrients fol ...

Improving Coffee Crop Nutrition in Vietnam

The main objective of this project is to understand current crop nutrition practices in Coffee in Vietnam, with the aim to use the insights and develop based on them field trials that support and prom ...

Potassium for quality hay

K test strips on pastures

2013 Annual Interpretive Summary - Improvement of Recommendations for Potash Fertilizer Use and Adjustment of Currently Used Soil Potassium Test Interpretation Classes in Intensive Cropping Systems

This 3-year project has a special focus on optimization of fertilizer K rates for crops with high response to K, such as sugar beet, grain maize, rape, and soybean.

Potassium response curves - Wheat and Lupin Potassium Responses

The Better Fertilizer Decisions for Crops Project (BFDC) that concluded in 2012 identified several gaps in data around the development of robust soil test calibrations. This project seeks to collect c ...

Growth, yield and photosynthetic responses to elevated CO2 in wheat genotypes - Growth, Yield and Water Use of Wheat under Elevated Carbon Dioxide

The Australian Grains Free Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment (AGFACE) project in Horsham, Victoria was designed to simulate atmospheric carbon dioxide levels in the year 2050 and then to use those data to ...

Effects of Nitrogen on Oxalate Accumulation Mechanisms in Different Spinach Genotypes

Over application N fertilizer is quite common, especially for vegetable in China. Therefore, supported by IPNI China program, the project cooperators in Zhejiang University carried out this research p ...

Grain mineral contents under elevated carbon dioxide

How will elevated carbon dioxide affect wheat grain macro and micro nutrient concentrations and grain functional properties.

Nutrient Demand of Oil Palm Hybrids in Tropical America

Nowadays there are several oil palm regions in Latin America with plantings of the OxG material, which is a cross of Elaeis oleifera (American oil palm) with E. guineensis (African oil palm). There ar ...

Study on Nutrient Management Technology for Vegetables in Wuhan

Over fertilization for vegetable in Wuhan is very serious problem. Therefore, supported by IPNI China program, the project cooperators in Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Science carried out this researc ...

Effect of Phosphorus Fertilization on Field Pea Nitrogen Production

A site at Froid, MT was selected for the study, with a background soil P level of 19 mg P/kg of soil. A split-plot design was used with tillage (ZT vs CT) as the main plot, and crop and P rate as the ...

Forage Rejuvenation with Phosphorus Fertilizer

Evaluate the management of dry and fluid P fertilizers, applied with N fertilizer, to restore the productivity of low producing forage stands in Saskatchewan.

Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulfur on Malt Barley

Determine the effect of phosphorus, potassium and sulfur on the yield and quality parameters of malt barley across the agro-ecological regions of Alberta.

Optimizing Canola Production: Fertilization, Crop Protection and Genetic Yield Potential

Examine the individual and combined impact of three types of crop inputs: fertilization, crop protection and genetic potential for yield for canola (oil rapeseedl).

Phosphorus Fertility of Alfalfa Hay Stands in Southwest Saskatchewan

Alfalfa based forage stands in SW Saskatchewan are usually established with the intent of harvesting for five or more years. This study was initiated to evaluate the response of alfalfa to P fertilize ...

The Factor of N and P Fertilization Affecting the Concentration of a Nutraceutical Lignan in Flaxseed

As lignans are derived from phenylalanine, an amino acid found in protein, it is logical to ask the question of the effect of nitrogen and/or phosphorus fertilizers on the final concentration of SDG i ...

Phosphorus and Compost on Potatoes

Compare compost with mineral P fertilizer as a means of supplying P to potato.

Soil Characteristics and Nutrition of Poor-yielding Sugarbeet Areas

A research project to gather soil and topographic information about areas where sugar beets yield poorly. the information may help determine what can be done to ameliorate these poor yielding areas.

1996 Annual Interpretive Summary - Optimum Time and Placement of Fertilizer with Direct and Conventionally Seeded Winter Wheat

Poor weather, yields and prices caused winter wheat acreage in Alberta to decrease by several hundred thousand acres in the last 10-15 years. However, newer, higher yielding varieties are causing a re ...

Chloride's Role in Maximizing Wheat Variety Performance

To understand the interactions of major wheat varieties with chloride fertilization, and evaluate effects of chloride fertilization on wheat plant pathology, plant maturity and thousand kernel weight. ...

Effect of chloride fertilization on yield and development rate of winter wheat varieties

The effect of Cl fertility on small grain production is currently of great interest in the Northern Great Plains. Research from South Dakota and Montana has shown that application of fertilizers conta ...

Assessing the chloride fertilizer requirements of barley and wheat grown on Manitoba soils

Assess the chloride fertility status of Manitoba soils and determine the effects of chloride fertilization on plant nutrition, plant disease and yield of wheat and barley.