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Project Description - Updated nutrient response curves in the northern and southern regions of Australia

Soil testing is a key strategy in the efficient use of expensive fertilizer and other nutrient inputs, ensuring that the mix of nutrients applied match the fertility status and crop demand for the lik ...

Results from Capella (wheat) and Gindee (chickpea) - 2013.

Response to residual K from bands applied in 2011

Balanced nutrition yields benefits

Results from the Dahlen long term fertilizer experiment

2013 Annual Interpretive Summary - Longerenong Cropping Challenge

The Longerenong Cropping challenge gives local advisers the opportunity to put their agronomic skills on show by managing a crop within a three year cycle of canola, wheat and then chickpeas. The plot ...

Do we need to revisit potassium?

Paper presented at the Adelaide GRDC Advisor Update

The Longerenong Wrap

3 years of cropping - what happened?

Potassium nutrition in CQ Cropping Systems

Responses to applied K on wheat and chickpea

2012 Annual Interpretive Summary - Longerenong Cropping Challenge

The Longerenong challenge gives local crop advisors the opportunity to put their agronomic skills on show by managing a crop within a three year cycle within a replicated experiment. Outcomes are asse ...

2012 Chickpea phase - Longerenong Cropping Challenge

The site used in 2010 (canola) and 2011 (wheat) was sown to chickpeas in 2012, using the same replicated design for each group of agronomists. As in previous years, the agronomists selected cultivar, ...

2011 Annual Interpretive Summary - Nitrogen dynamics under elevated carbon dioxide

Elevated atmospheric CO2 affects growth and yield which then affect processes controlling the supply and losses of N to sustain these increases. This research was undertaken to measure the effects of ...

Project Description - Improvement of Maize and Soybean (Chickpea) Mineral Nutrition on a Calcareous Common Chernozem

The Global Maize project was initiated in 2011 in Rostov Oblast, Southern Russia, on a common chernozem. Maize-soybean crop rotation was studied at the A-site in 2011-2014 and since 2015 it was change ...

More Profit from Crop Nutrition: Micronutrient Survey

A scoping study to develop a risk assessment for micronutrient deficiency in the grains industry.

Dahlen Long-term Nitrogen and Phosphorus Recovery Experiment

Long term crop responses to applied N and P.

The Response of Crops to Potassium Placement Depth and Band Spacing

The right place for K in summer dominant rainfall areas of northern Australia.

Strategies for Improving the Crop Safety and Efficiency of Starter Fertilizer for Saskatchewan Crops

Crops were planted in flats of soil are prepared to simulate a seed-bed and a low-disturbance opener configuration (10% seed bed utilization). Eleven commonly grown Saskatchewan crops (wheat, barley, ...

Development of Agronomic Practices for Chickpea Production in Alberta

Chickpea production information has not been developed for Alberta. Information on cultivar performance, inoculation, seeding rates, seeding dates, and fertilizer recommendations will be developed.

Optimizing Phosphorus Fertilization and Inoculation in Chickpea and Lentil

Develop recommendations for pulse growers in optimizing rhizobial and/or P-solublizing inoculants and fertilizer P for direct-seeding of kabuli and desi chickpeas and lentils in the semiarid regions o ...