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Artículos de cultivos de invierno en Informaciones Agronómicas

Trabajos publicados en la revista Informaciones Agronómicas de Hispanoamérica (2011-2017) e Informaciones Agronómicas del Cono Sur (2006-2017).

Potassium responses in beans, canola and wheat

An experiment at Glenthompson, 2017

In-season nutrient management - 2017

Presented at Manangatang Victoria GRDC Update

Potassium responses on wheat and canola at Glenthompson, 2016

Field work undertaken in association with Southern Farming Systems.

Impacts of a wet season on crop nutrition

GRDC Advisor Update Presentation and Paper

4R Nutrient Management For Canola

Youtube video available

Project Description - Updated nutrient response curves in the northern and southern regions of Australia

Soil testing is a key strategy in the efficient use of expensive fertilizer and other nutrient inputs, ensuring that the mix of nutrients applied match the fertility status and crop demand for the lik ...


4R养分管理案例分析1 氮肥施用时间与比例显著影响冬油菜产量 油菜是我国的第一大油料作物,也提供了最大比例的食用油。我国油菜种植范围很广但主要集中在长江流域。春油菜在北方栽培而冬油菜在南方。冬油菜生育期长,最长可达9个月。因此,正确的施肥时间与施用比例对油菜高产至关重要。表1 是在江西开展的油菜施肥时间与施用比例的田间试验产量结果。施肥量为.

Nitrogen mid-season

Yes - No - Wait

Time for an N-Rich Strip

Reference strips to check on N response

Results of 2015 HRZ Nutrition Experiments

Summary of responses from nutrient omission experiments.

Updated nutrient response curves in the northern and southern regions of Australia

The development of the Better Fertilizer Decisions for Crops database has identified gaps in the current region, nutrient and crop combinations. This project will generate data for the dominant crops ...

K responses on the Southern Tablelands

Research trials with NSW DPI

Project Description - Potassium responses in winter crops and pastures

Following the market development work in Queensland over the past few years, there are several areas that are proposed for attention during 2015. Monitoring of the Queensland sites will be continued w ...

Background to Omission Trials

Summary of HRZ omission trials treatments and seasonal conditions

High rainfall zone nutrient omission trials 2015

Part of the GRDC project DAV00141 led by P Riffkin

Canola 4R Nutrient Management

Lessons from Australia, US Canola Association Research Conference.

Canola Seed Nutrient Concentrations

Regional values are needed

Sulfur deficiency in canola

Taken at Bealiba, Victoria

Micronutrients Copper and Manganese

Their role, requirements and options

Nitrogen - how much is enough?

GRDC Grower Updates, Kimba, Cummins, Naracoorte

Les deficiences en phosphore peuvent causer d'énormes pertes en rendement grain chez le colza

Dans un essai mené dans la région de chaouia les scientifiques de IPNI North Africa en collaboration avec des chercheurs de l'INRA de Settat ont pu montré que des carences en phosphores entrainent des ...

Better Fertilizer Decisions for Crops

Project summary and access to the data interrogator

Balanced nutrition yields benefits

Results from the Dahlen long term fertilizer experiment

2013 Annual Interpretive Summary - Wheat and Lupin Potassium Responses

The Better Fertilizer Decisions for Crops project identified gaps in the dataset for wheat and canola responses to K in eastern Australia. This project will support additional soil measurements of sel ...

2013 Annual Interpretive Summary - Longerenong Cropping Challenge

The Longerenong Cropping challenge gives local advisers the opportunity to put their agronomic skills on show by managing a crop within a three year cycle of canola, wheat and then chickpeas. The plot ...

Optimising the yield and economic potential of high input cropping systems in the High Rainfall Zone

The High Rainfall Zone in southeastern Australia has high yield potentials for wheat and canola, but growers are faced with challenges about resource allocation in a relatively new and rapidly evolvin ...

Potassium responses in winter crops and pastures

In collaboration with NSW DPI and the GRDC, the response of wheat and barley (Warndoo 2015) and wheat, triticale and canola (Breadalbane 2015) are being investigated. Responses of wheat and canola to ...

Potassium response curves - Wheat and Lupin Potassium Responses

The Better Fertilizer Decisions for Crops Project (BFDC) that concluded in 2012 identified several gaps in data around the development of robust soil test calibrations. This project seeks to collect c ...

Canola Nutrition Guide

4R Nutrition Guide launched at Oilseeds Workshops

Panel 3 - Nutrición de cultivos alternativos

1. La experiencia canadiense en el manejo de la nutrición de arveja, lenteja, garbanzo y colza. Dr. Tom Jensen. IPNI Oeste de Canadá. 2. Claves para el manejo nutricional del cultivo de arveja. Ing. A ...

Dahlen Long Term Experiment

Outline of the experiment

Balanced nutrition in Brassica napus production with emphasis on S fertilizer requirements

Paper presented at the 13th International Rapeseed Congress, June, 2011.

Dahlen Long Term Fertilizer Experiment

Results of canola grown on the long term N*P experiment at Dahlen, 10 km west of Horsham.

Addressing sulphur needs in-crop

Sulphur is an important part of a balanced crop nutrition program and this is a summary of options for in-crop S application.

Impact of Traditional and Enhanced Efficiency Phosphorus Fertilizers on Canola Emergence, Yield, Maturity, and Quality in Manitoba

The objectives of this research are to: (1) determine the relative effects of traditional and enhanced efficiency fertilizers in terms of safe rates for seed-row placement, and effects on crop yield, ...

Mejores prácticas de manejo para la nutrición del cultivo de Colza-Canola

Juan Pablo Burzaco1, Ignacio A. Ciampitti2 y Fernando O. García2 1Facultad de Agronomía, UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2IPNI Cono Sur. Av Santa Fe 910, Acassuso, Buenos Aires, Argentina. burzaco@agro. ...

Panel 4

Las MPM para los Cultivos y Sistemas de Producción

Impact of Rising Nitrogen Prices

Natural gas represents a major portion of the cost of ammonia production, and concern continues about effects on nitrogen (N) fertilizer prices.

Crop Nutrition PowerPoint Series

The Crop Nutrition Series of PowerPoint presentations features crop nutrition and management information prepared by IPNI North American Program scientific staff. Each presentation includes approximat ...