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Phosphorus Placement for Annual Crops in the Tropics

Luís Prochnow, Álvaro Resende, Adilson Junior, Eros Francisco, Valter Casarin, and Paulo Pavinato

Project Description - Potassium responses in winter crops and pastures

Following the market development work in Queensland over the past few years, there are several areas that are proposed for attention during 2015. Monitoring of the Queensland sites will be continued w ...

Agronomic Effectiveness of Calcined Soluble Sources of P Fertilizers

Every winter fire strikes out in the Cerrado of Brazil due to climatic conditions of very low air humidity with high temperature burning natural vegetation or harvest residue on fields, and as growers ...

Evaluation of late nitrogen applications to achieve yield potential and increased protein content in wheat

In the southeastern Australian high rainfall cropping zone, growers have the opportunity to apply nitrogen later in crop growth because of the higher probability of followup rains. This project establ ...