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Fertilidad de cereales de invierno

Presentación realizada en la jornada organizada por CRIATA y la CEI Barrow (INTA-MA Buenos Aires) en Tres Arroyos (Buenos Aires) el 3 de Mayo de 2018.

Artículos de cultivos de invierno en Informaciones Agronómicas

Trabajos publicados en la revista Informaciones Agronómicas de Hispanoamérica (2011-2017) e Informaciones Agronómicas del Cono Sur (2006-2017).

Documenting the Need for Potassium in Uruguay

Agriculture in Uruguay initially developed in high potassium (K) soils, under conventional tillage and crop rotations that required no K fertilizer. The scenario changed during the last decades driven ...

Potassium research at Uruguay - Exploration of Responses to Potassium in Western Uruguay

Paper and presentation at the 2016 Soil Science Congress of Russia

Manejo Nutricional de Trigo para Rendimiento y Calidad

Presentación realizada en el seminario de ASP en Coronel Suárez (Buenos Aires) el 18 de Mayo de 2016, en colaboración con el Dr. Nahuel Reussi Calvo de Fertilab y FCA(UMdP)-CONICET

Estrategias de manejo para optimizar el rendimiento y la calidad en cultivos invernales

Video y archivo de la presentación realizada en el Congreso "A Todo Trigo 2016" organizado por la Federación de Acopiadores y SEMA en Mar del Plata el 5 y 6 de Mayo de 2016. Link al video http://www. ...

Project Description - Improving N and S Fertilizer Management System under Crop Rotation

Location: Krasnodar Krai, Southern Federal District. Objectives: 1) Optimize the rates of S-containing fertilizers (NPKS and NPS). 2) Optimize the N sources for top-dressing in winter barley and winte ...

Improving N and S Fertilizer Management System under Crop Rotation

Crop response to S-containing fertilizers and various N sources is studied under winter barley – sugar beet – winter wheat – maize rotation.

Project Description - Potassium responses in winter crops and pastures

Following the market development work in Queensland over the past few years, there are several areas that are proposed for attention during 2015. Monitoring of the Queensland sites will be continued w ...

El potasio en la agricultura uruguaya

Experiencias en los últimos años

BMPSCN Manual on Soil and Plant Analysis and Fertilizer Recommendation - Best Management Practices for Sustainable Crop Nutrition in Bulgaria

This Manual contains information on soil and plant sampling and analysis, as well as recommendations for selecting appropriate fertilisers for field crops, vegetables, fruit and viticulture. The most ...

Better Fertilizer Decisions for Crops

Project summary and access to the data interrogator

Balanced nutrition yields benefits

Results from the Dahlen long term fertilizer experiment

What’s new in Zinc – and some critical reminders?

Presented at GRDC Advisor Updates, Temora, NSW.

Potassium responses in winter crops and pastures

In collaboration with NSW DPI and the GRDC, the response of wheat and barley (Warndoo 2015) and wheat, triticale and canola (Breadalbane 2015) are being investigated. Responses of wheat and canola to ...

Mejores prácticas de manejo de la nutrición de trigo-cebada/soja

Presentacion realizada en las joranadas regionales de ASP en Junin y Lincoln (Buenos Aires) el 8 y 9 de Mayo de 2012.

More Profit from Crop Nutrition: Micronutrient Survey

A scoping study to develop a risk assessment for micronutrient deficiency in the grains industry.

Better Fertilizer Decisions for Crops

The collation of 5000 field experiments on crop fertilizer responses from across Australia.

Dahlen Long-term Nitrogen and Phosphorus Recovery Experiment

Long term crop responses to applied N and P.

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Las MPM para los Cultivos y Sistemas de Producción

Large Urea Granules for Broadcast Application for No-till Cropping - University of Alberta, Ellerslie, AB

Large and regular sized urea applied with and without urease and nitrification inhibitors, surface applied in fall or spring under no-till cropping.

2007 Crop Nutrient Deficiency Photo Contest Winners

Results of 2007 Crop Nutrient Deficiency Photo Contest On this page, we highlight winners for each of the four categories. The entries were judged on the overall quality of the image as well as the su ...

Evaluation of Phosphate and Nitrogen Fertilizers Treated with Polymer Additives to Increase Fertilizer Efficiency

The use of polymer additives to regular soluble fertilizers to increase the uptake of fertilizer nutrieIt is thought to slow down the reaction of the fertilizer nutrient ions and molecules with soil c ...

Evaluation of Urea Nitrogen Fertilizer Treated with Nutrisphere Polymer Additive to Increase Fertilizer Efficiency

The use of polymer additives to regular soluble fertilizers has been shown to increase the uptake of fertilizer nutrients into target crops. The mechanism of activity of the polymers is thought to slo ...

Impact of Rising Nitrogen Prices

Natural gas represents a major portion of the cost of ammonia production, and concern continues about effects on nitrogen (N) fertilizer prices.

Exploration of Responses to Potassium in Western Uruguay

Several regions of Uruguay has recently shown K deficiencies and responses. This project looks to determine the different areas with K deficiency, evaluate responses in the main field crops, and provi ...

Development and Implementation of Fertilizer BMP Guides for Six Selected Major Cropping Systems

A multi-stakeholder committee initiative, funded through a conservation grant, to develop a list of management practices applicable in North Dakota.

Strategies for Improving the Crop Safety and Efficiency of Starter Fertilizer for Saskatchewan Crops

Crops were planted in flats of soil are prepared to simulate a seed-bed and a low-disturbance opener configuration (10% seed bed utilization). Eleven commonly grown Saskatchewan crops (wheat, barley, ...

Evaluation of Long Term No-till Effects on Soil Fertility

The adoption of no-till seeding systems in western Canada has been driven by a variety of factors, moisture conservation and economic efficiency likely the major ones. This project was conducted to ev ...

Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulfur on Malt Barley

Determine the effect of phosphorus, potassium and sulfur on the yield and quality parameters of malt barley across the agro-ecological regions of Alberta.

Impact of Long-Term Application of Phosphate Fertilizer on Cadmium Accumulation in Crops

To determine availability of residual P and Cd from long-term P accumulations for plant uptake and movement to water, as affected by soil type and environment, and to determine the rate of P and Cd de ...

Assessing Nutrient Content of Crops and Nutrient Removal as Affected by Management Practices

A study to identify mineral nutrient removal in the harvested portion of crops grown in western Canada.

Quantifying Soil Carbon Sequestration: Textural Effects

Demonstrate that we can accurately quantify changes in soil C content by estimating soil C changes through the use of simulation models.

On-farm Evaluation of Potassium Chloride using Combine Yield Monitors

The addition of potassium (K) fertilizer to starter fertilizer blends is becoming a common practice in many areas of western Canada with high soil test K levels. Specific crops, such as malting barley ...

Impact of Zero-tillage on Soil Quality Changes Under Crop Rotations and Fertilizer Treatments in a Black Soil

Assess whether or there has been a significant change in soil quality and/or yield trends in the 6 years since the field soil in this study were converted to no-tillage from conventional tillage.

Seedplaced Boron for Canola and Cereals

This study evaluated seed-placed and broadcast B. When seed-placed B was spread over 25% of the seedbed, higher application rates (i.e. 2-3 lb/A) had a minimal effect on barley and canola germination, ...

Agronomic Aspects of Coated Potassium Chloride Fertilizers

Research investigating if polymer coated KCl will enhance the nutrient use efficiency of K and Cl, and reduce the damaging effect of higher rates of seed placed fertilizer.

The Influence of Fertilizer Placement on Crop and Weed Ecology in Direct-seeding Systems

Assess the impact of fertilizer placement on weeds in no-till seeding systems.

Agronomic and Economic Assessment of Variable Rate

Determine the agronomic information required to choose the optimum nutrient rates and assess the economic the benefits of variable rate fertilization.

Evaluation of seed placed fertilizer rates

Questions that now remain unanswered are urea impacts on calcareous soils and the role that ammonium sulphate might play in various mixes with urea and what the safe rates of combined N,P,K and S fert ...

Chemical and physical changes in standing cereal straw residues in no-till fallow and its relationship to nitrogen and phosphorus availability

Adjustments to nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization rates may be required in fields which receive a no-till (herbicide) fallow treatment as compared to the conventional tillage fallow. For example, t ...

The interactions of row spacing and seeding rate with seed placed phosphorus

Evaluate the effects of row spacing, seeding rate, and N and P fertilizer placement in spring and winter wheat, barley, durum and flax under no-till cropping.

Field evaluation of laboratory tests for soil phosphorus

Barley and canola was grown at 46 sites in Alberta to evaluate response to P fertilizer and determine the ability of various soil test P methods to predict crop response.

Influence of phosphorus fertilizer on the soil quality of a historic irrigated rotation

Determine the influence of historic phosphorus application on soil quality and nutrient supplying power in a low input irrigated crop rotation.

Modeling soluble soil P levels

P sorption and known rates of addition and removal to explain rates of P removal (i.e. uptake) by barley under uncontrolled field conditions and different P fertilizer treatments.

Effect of chloride fertilization on yield and development rate of winter wheat varieties

The effect of Cl fertility on small grain production is currently of great interest in the Northern Great Plains. Research from South Dakota and Montana has shown that application of fertilizers conta ...

Fertilizer effects on nitrate in water and soils

Document and summarize the scientific literature concerning ground water nitrate problems in Western Canada and provide a baseline for future studies.

Variable rate fertilization

In the last decade the need to fertilize soils rather than fields has been recognized and has led to the concept of variable fertilizer rates. Variable fertilizer rates have been advocated for a numbe ...

Correlation of phosphorus soil and tissue test methods

Identify the preferred analytical methods for the determination of available P over a wide range of soils in Alberta.

Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertility requirements for optimizing protein levels in malting barley

For optimum economic returns, fertilizer applications should be managed to apply sufficient N to attain the highest possible yield, without increasing protein content beyond the acceptable levels. For ...

Assessing the chloride fertilizer requirements of barley and wheat grown on Manitoba soils

Assess the chloride fertility status of Manitoba soils and determine the effects of chloride fertilization on plant nutrition, plant disease and yield of wheat and barley.

Maximum barley production under varying soil moisture regimes

Assessing the effect of moisture availability and supply on barley growth and yield.

Maximum yields in Canadian Prairie soils - investigations on the efficiency of large broadcast applications of fertilizer phosphate

Determine the effects of a large P fertilizer application on subsequent crop yields, P availability, interactions with other nutrients, and economic feasibility.