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Concentración de nutrientes en planta como herramienta de diagnóstico

Adrián A. Correndo y Fernando O. García IPNI Cono Sur. Av Santa Fe 910, Acassuso, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mano a mano con los que saben en fertilización de cultivos

Dr. Pedro Barbagelata – EEA INTA Paraná. Ing. Agr. M. Sc. Gustavo Ferraris – EEA INTA Pergamino. Dr. Nahuel Reussi Calvo – Unidad Integrada INTA-FCA Balcarce. Laboratorio Fertilab. Ing. Agr. Cristian ...

Determining Optimum Nitrogen Rates for Irrigated Timothy Hay for Export

Very little work has been done on determining optimum nitrogen rates for Timothy hay.

Suelos y Fertilización: Taller 2012 de CONAPROLE

Presentacion realizada en el Taller de Actualizacion de CONAPROLE realizado en Soils (Canelones, Uruguay) el 29 de Noviembre de 2012.

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Las MPM para los Cultivos y Sistemas de Producción. Nutrientes No Tradicionales en Región Pampeana

IPNI Research Projects - 2010

IPNI Research Project Summaries - 2010 This past year we provided financial and in-kind support to over 100 projects around the world. Our scientists work closely with the researchers and cooperators ...

Root Scans to Document Fertilizer Response

Root response to fertilizer source and placement were documented with rhizotron scanners

Balances de Nutrientes en Sistemas Agrícolas

Presentación realizada en la Jornada Técnica “Manejo de nutrientes y suelos en sistemas lecheros”, organizada por la Facultad de Agronomía de la Universidad de la República de Uruguay en Canelones el ...

Crop Nutrition PowerPoint Series

The Crop Nutrition Series of PowerPoint presentations features crop nutrition and management information prepared by IPNI North American Program scientific staff. Each presentation includes approximat ...

Strategies for Improving the Crop Safety and Efficiency of Starter Fertilizer for Saskatchewan Crops

Crops were planted in flats of soil are prepared to simulate a seed-bed and a low-disturbance opener configuration (10% seed bed utilization). Eleven commonly grown Saskatchewan crops (wheat, barley, ...

Forage Rejuvenation with Phosphorus Fertilizer

Evaluate the management of dry and fluid P fertilizers, applied with N fertilizer, to restore the productivity of low producing forage stands in Saskatchewan.

Phosphorus Fertility of Alfalfa Hay Stands in Southwest Saskatchewan

Alfalfa based forage stands in SW Saskatchewan are usually established with the intent of harvesting for five or more years. This study was initiated to evaluate the response of alfalfa to P fertilize ...

Project Description - Fertilizer Requirement of Irrigated Alfalfa

Surveys have indicated that there is a discrepancy between soil and tissue tests for P and K in many irrigated alfalfa fields in southern Alberta, and that insufficient P and K was being applied to th ...

Assessing Nutrient Content of Crops and Nutrient Removal as Affected by Management Practices

A study to identify mineral nutrient removal in the harvested portion of crops grown in western Canada.

Impact of Production System and Nutrient Addition on Grain Quality in Long-term Rotation Studies in Western Canada

Assess crop rotation and nutrient application on flax yield and nutrient uptake.

Improving Forage Production and Longevity of Alfalfa Stands with Balanced Fertilization

To determine the influence of balanced fertilization on forage production, longevity of alfalfa stands, weed population and disease severity.

Effect of Boron Fertilization on Alfalfa Production

Effect of Boron Fertilization on Alfalfa Production, 1998 This research in northwestern Montana is evaluating the potential benefits to boron (B) applied across different phosphorus (P) fertility leve ...

Fertility Management of Winter Wheat Grown after Alfalfa

Forage hay crops remove large amounts of nutrients from the soil, because of this, levels of available phosphorous, potassium and sulfur are often marginal for crops following forages.

Nutrient Requirements of Mixed Forages

This new project is attempting to demonstrate how balancing N and P, and harvesting methods can improve stand life and productivity.

Fertilizer Requirement of Irrigated Alfalfa

Results of the last 3 years indicate that a combination of soil and tissue tests provide the best option for predicting P response in alfalfa. However, neither worked well for K.

Maximizing Forage Productivity by Improving Effectiveness of P and K Fertilizers

Phosphorus fertilization is essential for good forage production. This study is showing how P fertilization affects dry matter yield and protein of alfalfa and bromegrass hay in central Alberta.

DRIS analysis of forage alfalfa silage, grain corn and greenhouse cucumbers

To evaluate the use of Diagnostic Recommendation Integrated System (DRIS) analysis on three high value crops - irrigated alfalfa, irrigated corn, and greenhouse cucumbers.

Influence of phosphorus fertilizer on the soil quality of a historic irrigated rotation

Determine the influence of historic phosphorus application on soil quality and nutrient supplying power in a low input irrigated crop rotation.

Soil nutrient distribution as influenced by crop rotation and fertilization

Based on the agronomic and economic implications of including alfalfa in rotation with annual crops, what is the optimum and annual/perennial crop rotation for producers to utilize?

P and K fertilizer nutrients in forage crops

Only about 15% of the alfalfa grown in western Canada is fertilized annually, and generally with low rates of P. Therefore, P and K are often inadequate to produce the most economic yield. This projec ...