08 Nov 2010

IPNI at N2010, New Delhi

N2010 Conference Papers by IPNI Staff
Dec 3-7 | New Delhi

The following list provides title, author, and available copies of the papers presented by IPNI Staff during the N2010 sessions in New Delhi. The entire on-line program is also available for download at http://www.n2010.org/N2010_programme.pdf

Title: Nitrogen fertilizer use and grain production in China - Dr. Li Shutian, Deputy Director, Northwest China and Dr. Jin Jiyun, Director, China Program
Session: Nitrogen in crop production systems in developed and developing countries.

Li INI 2010.pdfLi INI 2010.pdf

Title: Effects of fertilizer and organic resource management practices on crop productivity and nitrogen use efficiency in smallholder farming systems in Africa. - Dr. Shamie Zingore, Director, Africa.
Session: Nitrogen in integrated cropping-livestock production system.

Zingore INI 2010.pdfZingore INI 2010.pdf

Title: Fertilizer management and nitrogen use efficiency - Dr. Tom Bruulsema, Director, Northeast Canada and US.
Session: Nitrogen fertilizer management and N use efficiency.

Bruulsema INI 2010.pdfBruulsema INI 2010.pdf

Title: Optical sensor-based strategies for improving N use efficiency in developing countries - Dr. Steve Phillips, Director, Southeast US and Dr. Harmandeep Singh, Deputy Director, West India
Session: N fertilizer management and N use efficiency.

Phillips INI 2010.pdfPhillips INI 2010.pdf

Title: Best management practices to improve fertilizer N use efficiency in Argentinean agriculture - Dr. Fernando Garcia, Director, Latin America - Southern Cone and Dr. F. Salvagiotti, Dto. Agronomía, EEA Oliveros INTA
Session: N fertilizer management and N use efficiency.

Garcia INI 2010.pdfGarcia INI 2010.pdf

Title: N dynamics for wheat grown under elevated carbon dioxide in the Australian grains FACE - Dr. Rob Norton, Director, Australia and New Zealand.
Session: Influence of carbon-nitrogen interactions in greenhouse gas balance.

Norton INI 2010.pdfNorton INI 2010.pdf

Title: Crop, soil, and nitrogen fertilizer management strategies to reduce nitrate accumulation in plants and improve nitrogen use efficiency - Dr. Harmandeep Singh, Deputy Director, West India, Dr. Kaushik Majumdar, Director, South Asia Programme, and Dr. T. Satyanarayana, Deputy Director, South India and Sri Lanka.
Session: Agricultural N management options in water and air pollution mitigation.

Satya INI 2010.pdfSatya INI 2010.pdf

Title: Nitrogen management to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions - Dr. Cliff Snyder, Director, Nitrogen Program, Dr. Adrian Johnston, Asia and Africa Group Coordinator, and Dr. Paul Fixen, Americas and ANZ Group Coordinator.
Session: Influence of land management practices on greenhouse gas emissions.

Snyder INI 2010.pdfSnyder INI 2010.pdf

Title: Yield gaps, soil indigenous supplies, and nutrient use efficiency parameters for wheat in China - Dr. He Ping, Deputy Director, Northcentral China, Dr. Jin Jiyun, Director, China Program, Dr. Liu Xiaoyan, and Dr. Kaushik Majumdar, South Asia Program, and Dr. Steve Phillips, Director, Southeast US.
Session: N fertilizer management and N use efficiency.

He INI 2010.pdfHe INI 2010.pdf