28 Jan 2015

Understanding the Major Nutrients

(Recommended for Grades 4 - 8)

These three booklets were created to develop an understanding and knowledge of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and their vital role in our environment and crop production. The 24-page full color illustrated booklets can be used separately or together for a complete unit on the three major plant nutrients.
Understanding Nitrogen in Our World: A scientific look at where we find nitrogen, how nitrogen affects our lives, and why nitrogen has such an important role.

Understanding Phosphorus in Our World: Phosphorus is an essential element for both plant and animal growth. This booklet explains the need for phosphorus in producing plentiful and nutritious food.

Understanding Potassium in Our World: Potassium is known as the “quality” nutrient and serves to regulate many of the key functions in plants. Humans and crops must have adequate potassium for good health.