13 Nov 2013

IPNI Staff Presentations and Awards at 2013 ASA/CSSA/SSSA Meetings

November 3 to 6 | Tampa, FL

The following (oral/poster) presentations were made and awards won by IPNI Staff at the 2013 ASA/CSSA/SSSA Meetings: (Click on presentation titles to view abstracts and see 'Additional Resources' on left for pdf copies of presentations)

1. The Dubious Relationship Between P Use Efficiency and Loss Mitigation by Paul Fixen and Tom Bruulsema

2. Ecological Intensification On Maize Cropping Systems in the Cerrado of Brazil by Luis Prochnow

3. Leo M. Walsh Soil Fertility Distinguished Lectureship: Is There a Fertile Future for the Discipline of Soil Fertility? by Paul Fixen

4. Interactions of Soil Mineralogy and Fertilizer Management by T. Scott Murrell

5. Use of Phosphogypsum in Brazilian Agriculture by Luis Prochnow

6. Global Potential for Adaptively Managing Nitrogen Using Active Sensors by Steve Phillips

7. An Industry Perspective on Phosphorus Stewardship Challenges by Tom Bruulsema


Terry Roberts, President, IPNI, was awarded Agronomic Service Award

T. Scott Murrell, Director, NA Northcentral Program, was awarded Werner L. Nelson Award for Diagnosis of Yield-Limiting Factors

Education & Extension Award for Crop Nutrient Deficiency Image Collection (Mobile App/Thumbdrive) won by B. Green, G.D. Sulewski, S. Couch, H.S. Khurana, D. Edwards, V. Nosov, S.R. Stipp, G. Sun, and H. Boulal