13 Jan 2008

New Nitrogen Fertilizer Products and Technologies

Four papers were presented at the IPNI chaired session New N Fertilizer Products and Technologies, part of the CT5 Papers (Contributed Talks) on The Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry and the Future at the 2007 International Nitrogen Conference held in Costa do Sauipe, Brazil October 01 - 04, 2007.

Alan Blaylock (Agrium) – The future of controlled release fertilizers

    Abstract: Blaylock - Abstract.pdf Presentation (567 KB): Blaylock 2007 Intl N Conf.pdf

Dean Fairchild (Mosaic) – The future of spatial management of N

    Abstract: Fairchild - Abstract.pdf Presentation (5.4 MB): Fairchild 2007 Intl N Conf.pdf

Kim Polizotto (PotashCorp) – The future of N management advice for farmers

    Abstract: Polizotto - Abstract.pdf Presentation (7 MB): Polizotto 2007 Intl N Conf.pdf

Joachim Lammel (Yara) - Environmental assessment of N fertilizer management practices

    Abstract: Lammel - Abstract.pdf Presentation (574 KB): Lammel 2007 Intl N Conf .pdf

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