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Year 2018
No. VOL 102(4)

Response of Cacao Seedlings to Fertilizer

Researchers combined a suite of good agricultural practices with fertilizer application. Modest amounts of fertilizer applied to cacao seedlings in the nursery increased seedling growth and nutrient concentrations. There were no significant responses if fertilizer application rates were doubled. Results find it likely that adequate and well-timed supplies of fertilizer nutrients in the nursery will translate into better long-term agronomic performance in farmers’ fields.

DOI: 10.24047/BC102420


Cocoa Intensification in Indonesia - IPNI Cocoa Care Program


The IPNI SEAP director applies fertilizer to a cocoa tree that recently planted in the IPNI Cocoa Care Program

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Thomas Oberthür, Marianne Samson, Noel Janetski, Kate Janetski, and Myles Fisher. 2018. Response of Cacao Seedlings to Fertilizer. Better Crops 102(4): 20-23. doi.org/10.24047/BC102420