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Journée sur la fertigation organisée conjointement par la chambre d'Agriculture de la region de Beni Mellal - Khenifra et IPNI North Africa

Dans le cadre de ses activités au Maroc, IPNI North Africa a organisé en collaboration avec la chambre d'agriculture de la region de Beni Mellal - Khenifra une journée sur la fertigation au profit des ...

Fertigation of Field Vegetable Crops

Response of field vegetable crop to S and Ca application is studied in on-farm field experiments conducted under fertigation conditions (with fertilizer application through drip irrigation).

Improving P-efficiency in Crops Through the Management of Highly Effective Beneficial Soil Microorganisms

Better use efficiency of both indigenous soil phosphorus (P) and applied P fertilizer by cropping systems will extend the life of current mined world phosphorus deposits and reduce the need to develop ...

The Response of Crops to Potassium Placement Depth and Band Spacing

The right place for K in summer dominant rainfall areas of northern Australia.