23 Feb 2010



4R nutrient stewardship is focused on four central components: applying the right fertilizer source at the right rate, at the right time in the growing season, and in the right place. Each of the four “rights” is directly related to the other three in at least one way, interconnected into a unified, effective system.

Two new video programs produced by the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) and introduced in 2010 are carrying the message of 4R nutrient stewardship to audiences around the world.

“The Right Way to Grow…4R Nutrient Stewardship” runs more than 11 minutes and gives an overview of the 4Rs. It explains how the concept can apply to large-scale agriculture in developed countries and also to small-holder farms in less developed regions. Through graphics and field scenes, the presentation provides more insight for further understanding of the 4Rs.

“The Right Way to Grow Wheat…4R Nutrient Stewardship” is a separate video which runs more than 8 minutes and specifically addresses the economic, environmental, and social goals of sustainable agricultural systems needed to meet global demand of wheat. As a staple in almost all human diets, additional wheat production will be needed in the future to help feed rapidly growing populations.

“Agronomists, crop advisers, growers, and others see 4R nutrient stewardship as a positive, proactive approach to achieving better crop nutrient management. Identifying the most appropriate fertilizer source, determining the right rate through soil testing and other methods, timing applications to avoid nutrient loss and get the best response, and choosing the best placement option for the crop–all these are examples of the practical side of 4R nutrient stewardship, “ says Dr. Steve Phillips, Southeast U.S. Regional Director of IPNI. He was part of a work group that developed the videos and he served as narrator of the wheat video.

IPNI President Dr. Terry Roberts notes that environmental concerns related to nutrient use are becoming increasingly visible. “We all share the responsibility to communicate with the public to improve understanding that we are enabling the world to grow more food and doing so in a responsible and sustainable manner,” he emphasizes. “These two videos demonstrate our commitment to 4R nutrient stewardship and the benefits it can bring.”

The videos can be viewed for free by visiting the IPNI website at: www.ipni.net/video

Both programs are also available on DVD and may be purchased from IPNI at US$10.00 each, plus shipping.

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