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Communications Group
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Oceania Group
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Africa Group
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Central Asia, & Middle East Group
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Americas and Oceania Group
Group Coordinator

Paul E. Fixen
Senior Vice President, Americas and Oceania Group, and Director of Research

Phyllis Pates
Administrative Assistant

Australia and New Zealand

Rob Norton
Director, Australia & New Zealand


Luís Prochnow
Director, Brasil

Valter Casarin
Deputy Director, Brasil

Eros Francisco
Deputy Director, Brasil

Elisangela Toledo
Administrative Assistant

Evandro Luis Lavorenti
Systems Analyst

Latin America - Northern

Raúl Jaramillo
Director, Latin America - Northern

Amparo Ormaza

Paúl Gualoto
Publications Management

Latin America - Southern Cone

Fernando Garcia
Director, Latin America-Southern Cone (IPNI-Cono Sur)

Adrián A. Correndo
Assistant Agronomist

Laura Nélida Pisauri
Administrative Assistant

Mexico and Central America

Armando S. Tasistro
Director, Mexico & Central America

North America

Tom Jensen
Director, North America

Steve Phillips
Director, North America

Mike Stewart
Director, North America