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Headquarters &
Communications Group
Americas &
Oceania Group
Asia, Africa,
& Middle East Group
Eastern Europe,
& Central Asia Group
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Americas and Oceania
Group Coordinator

Tom Bruulsema
Vice President, Americas & Research

Australia and New Zealand

Rob Norton
Director, Australia & New Zealand


Luís Prochnow
Director, Brasil

Eros Francisco
Deputy Director, Brasil

Elisangela Toledo
Administrative Assistant

Evandro Luis Lavorenti
Systems Analyst

Latin America - Northern

Raúl Jaramillo
Director, Latin America - Northern

Amparo Ormaza

Paúl Gualoto
Publications Management

Latin America - Southern Cone

Fernando Garcia
Director, Latin America-Southern Cone (IPNI-Cono Sur)

Adrián A. Correndo
Assistant Agronomist

North America

Tom Jensen
Director, North America

Steve Phillips
Director, North America