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Headquarters &
Communications Group
Americas &
Oceania Group
Asia &
Africa Group
Eastern Europe,
Central Asia, & Middle East Group
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Asia and Africa Group
Group Coordinator

Kaushik Majumdar
Vice President, Asia and Africa Group

Laurae M. Doell
Director, Administrative Services

Africa - North

Mohamed El Gharous
Consulting Director, North Africa

Hakim Boulal
Deputy Director, North Africa

Africa - Sub-Saharan

Shamie Zingore
Director, Sub-Saharan Africa

James Mutegi
Soil Scientist & Farming Systems Analyst

Samuel Njoroge
Research Assistant

Esther Mugi
Research Assistant

Angela Okoth
Administrative & Finance Assistant - SSA

Beverly Agesa
Research Assistant

Guillaume Ezui
Cassava Agronomist

Asia - South (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka)

T. Satyanarayana
Director - South Asia Program

Sudarshan K. Dutta
Deputy Director - South Asia Program

Asia - Southeast

Thomas Oberthür
Director, Southeast Asia Program

Mirasol Pampolino
Deputy Director, Southeast Asia Program

Sandra Leng
Operations Manager

Lovely Luar
Research Agronomist

Rachel Lim
Data Manager and Analyst

Mei Shih Tan
Research Officer

Monique Neoh
Administrative and Training Program Executive

Jessa Perez
Nutrient Expert Programmer

Jonathan Serrano
Nutrient Expert Programmer


Ping He
Director, China Program

Fang Chen
Deputy Director, China Program

Shihua Tu
Deputy Director, China Program

Shutian Li
Deputy Director, China Program

Jingwen Sun
Executive Assistant, China Program

Ling Xie
Executive Assistant, China Program

Rongrong Zhao
Research Assistant