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Year 2018
No. VOL 102(4)

Connecting Crop Nutrient Use Efficiency to Future Soil Productivity

Trends over the past 25 years indicate that Argentina’s growth in its grain crop productivity has largely been supported by the depletion of the extensive fertility of its Pampean soils. Long-term research provides insight into sustainable nutrient management strategies ready for wide-scale adoption.

DOI: 10.24047/BC10248


Establishing a Plant Nutrition Network for the CREA Region in Southern Santa Fé


NPS plot at La Hansa

On-farm field experiments establish as a long-term network in 2000, to evaluate responses to N, P, and S in wheat, soybean, and maize in the southern Santa Fe and Southeastern Cordoba regions. Evolution of soil properties are evaluated periodically in teh different treatments.

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Fernando O. García, Andrés Grasso, María Fernanda González Sanjuan, Adrián Correndo, and Fernando Salvagiotti. 2018. Connecting Crop Nutrient Use Efficiency to Future Soil Productivity. Better Crops 102(4): 8-10. doi.org/10.24047/BC10248