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Year 2018
No. VOL 102(1)

Nutrient Uptake Illustrated for Modern, High-Yielding Soybean

Soybean has grown to be the major crop both in terms of land use and grain production in Brazil. In turn, soybean leads all crops in nutrient consumption. Fields growing high-yielding cultivars are capable of supporting grain yields that are twice the country’s average, leading to questions about how these yields impact crop nutrient demand.
Uptake patterns find N and K in highest demand, with K having the fastest acquisition rate (63% of total K uptake occurs before pod filling). Remobilization from leaves, stems, and petioles provides a significant contribution to the total grain content of N, P, K, S, Cu, and Zn, while Mg, B, and Fe only remobilize from leaves.

DOI: 10.24047/BC102111

Timing and Rate of Nutrient Uptake

Nutrients with the most rapid time of acquisition were K, Cu, and B with 63%, 58%, and 57% of total uptake, respectively, occurring before the onset of the seed filling growth stage (R4).

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Gabriel Barth, Eros Francisco, Juliana Tamie Suyama, and Fernando Garcia. 2018. Nutrient Uptake Illustrated for Modern, High-Yielding Soybean. Better Crops 102(1): 11-14. doi.org/10.24047/BC102111