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Modules and Case Studies for the 4R Plant Nutrition Manual

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)


Module 4.1-1 Fertilizer N required by wheat and maize in Argentina is best determined by evaluating available soil N prior to planting
Submitted by F. Garcia, IPNI, Argentina, September 2011.

Module 4.1-2 Calculating fertilizer rates in cereals using omission plot data
Submitted by K. Majumdar, IPNI, India, January 2012.

Module 4.4-1 Optimized nitrogen rate balancing rice yield, efficiency and nitrogen losses in China
Submitted by Ping He, IPNI China, March 2014.

Module 4.4-2 Calculating nutrient rates for southern Russian wheat using fertilizer use efficiency estimates
Submitted by Vladimir Nosov, IPNI Russia, March 2014.

Module 4.5-1 Soil test phosphorus responds to crop phosphorus balances in Argentina
Submitted by F. Garcia, IPNI, Argentina, November 2013.

Case Study 4.5-2 Maintaining soil test phosphorus for wheat in Saskatchewan depends on right rate
Submitted by Dr. Tom Jensen, IPNI North America, October 2014.

Module 4.5-3 Recommend right rate of potassium application for rapeseed in Hubei
Submitted by Fang Chen, IPNI China, October, 2014.

Module 4.6-1 Economic optimum N rates for cotton on a silty clay loam in Alabama change little with changes in prices
Submitted by S. Phillips, IPNI, USA, September 2011.

Module 4.6-2 Economically optimum rates of N for corn varied only slightly with market conditions over a 10-year period
Submitted by S. Phillips, IPNI, USA, September 2011.

Module 4.6-3 Optimal nitrogen and potassium rates balance banana yield and quality in Guangdong
Submitted by Shihua Tu, IPNI China, March 2014.

Module 4.6-4 Nitrogen, phosphate and potash contribute to profitability of maize-wheat in Jharkhand, India
Submitted by Sudarshan Dutta, IPNI South Asia, May 2014.