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1Is Your Winter Wheat Lacking Chloride?Dr. Mike Stewart,Dr. Scott Murrell
3Phosphorus Pays - Don't Seed without It!Dr. Terry L. Roberts,Dr. Bob Zentner,Dr. Con Campbell
4Too Many Phosphorus and Potassium Deficient Soils in the WestDr. Al Ludwick
5Make Balanced Bermudagrass Fertility a Priority This SummerDr. Mike Stewart,Dr. Vincent Haby,Dr. Monte Rouquette,Dr. Larry Redmon
5Nutrient Management Research...Foundation for the FutureDr. Cliff Snyder
5Soil Fertility for Production AgricultureDr. Tom W. Bruulsema
5Searching for Answers in '99Dr. Al Ludwick
5Chloride...Can We Close the Book?Dr. Terry L. Roberts
6Science-based Research and Education...Essential for a Productive, Profitable and Environmentally Sound Agriculture in the SoutheastDr. Noble R. Usherwood
6Research Programs in the Midwest RegionDr. Harold Reetz
7Research Programs in the Northcentral RegionDr. Scott Murrell
7Maintaining High Soil Tests: A Strategy for Managing Risk during Low Crop PricesDr. Harold Reetz,Dr. Scott Murrell,Dr. Tom W. Bruulsema
7Western Canada Research ReportDr. Terry L. Roberts
8Research Programs in the Great Plains RegionDr. Mike Stewart
8Make Fall Fertilization a Part of Your PlanDr. Harold Reetz
10Fertilization and Low Crop Prices...What to Do?Dr. Alan Schlegel,Dr. Mike Stewart,Dr. Kevin Dhuyvetter
10Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico and Fertilization FactsVarious Regional Directors
10Make Fall Fertilization a Part of Your PlanDr. Cliff Snyder
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