11High Fertilizer Prices: What Can I Do?Dr. Rob Mikkelsen
12Managing Phosphorus and Potassium for Maximum Alfalfa Yield and QualityDr. Rob Mikkelsen
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1Fertilize Cotton for Optimum Yield and QualityDr. Mike Stewart,Dr. Cary Green,Dr. Dan Krieg
1Does Balancing Nutrients Protect Water Quality?Dr. Tom W. Bruulsema
1Beltwide Cotton ResearchDr. Al Ludwick,Dr. Cliff Snyder,Dr. Mike Stewart,Dr. Noble R. Usherwood
3Chloride Fertility: What about Corn and Grain Sorghum?Dr. Mike Stewart,Dr. Ray E. Lamond
3High Fertility-Extremely Important with Weather ExtremesDr. Harold Reetz
5Science-based Research and Education...Essential for a Productive, Profitable and Environmentally Sound Agriculture in the SoutheastDr. Noble R. Usherwood
5Research Programs in the Northcentral RegionDr. Scott Murrell
5Research Programs in the Midwest RegionDr. Harold Reetz
5Raise Soybean Yields and Profit Potential with Phosphorus and Potassium FertilizationDr. Cliff Snyder
5Soil Fertility Research for Production AgricultureDr. Tom W. Bruulsema
5Western Canada Research ProjectsDr. Adrian Johnston
5Nutrient Management Research...Foundation for the FutureDr. Cliff Snyder
5Searching for Answers in '00Dr. Al Ludwick
7Phosphorus Fertilization of Wheat...Let's Talk PlacementDr. Mike Stewart,Dr. Travis Miller
7Research Programs in the Great Plains RegionDr. Mike Stewart
7Managing P and K Fertility for ForagesDr. Tom W. Bruulsema
7Optimize Fescue Yield and Quality with Complete and Balanced FertilizationDr. Cliff Snyder,Dr. Mike Stewart
9Forage Fertilization - How Important Is It?Dr. Terry L. Roberts
9Fertilizer Options for Corn Grown with Fall Zone TillageDr. Harold Reetz,Dr. Tom W. Bruulsema,Greg Stewart
11Fertilizing For QualityDr. Al Ludwick
12Forage Rejuvenation - Alternatives to Stand TerminationDr. Adrian Johnston,Jerome Lickacz,Dr. Bart Lardner
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