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3It Sure Sounds Like Potassium DeficiencyDr. Al Ludwick
3Precision Agriculture Progress in the MidsouthDr. Cliff Snyder
4The Many Faces of GISDr. Harold Reetz
4Fertilize Cotton for Optimum Yield and QualityDr. Cary Green,Dr. Dan Krieg,Dr. Mike Stewart
4Potassium Placement for Conservation Tillage CroppingDr. Tom W. Bruulsema,Dr. Tony J. Vyn
4Fertilizing after El NiƱoDr. Al Ludwick
4Potassium Fertilization in Conservation Tillage Systems: New DevelopmentsDr. Mike Stewart,Dr. Scott Murrell,Dr. A. Mallarino,Dr. G. Rehm,Dr. B. Gordon
5Searching for Answers in '98Dr. Al Ludwick
5Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur and Magnesium for Bermudagrass Pastures and Hay MeadowsDr. Cliff Snyder,M.M Eichhorn
5Nutrient Management for Quality ForagesDr. Noble R. Usherwood
5Western Canada Research ReportDr. Terry L. Roberts
5Mixed Hay Fields Respond to NPK in Fertilizer and ManureDr. Tom W. Bruulsema,Dr. Timothy Griffin,Dr. Mary Wiedenhoeft,Eric Giberson
5Science-based Research and Education...Essential for a Productive, Profitable and Environmentally Sound Agriculture in the SoutheastDr. Noble R. Usherwood
5Soil Sampling - Can You Afford to Do a Bad Job?Dr. Terry L. Roberts
5Evaluation of Site-Specific Soybean/Corn Management SystemsDr. Harold Reetz
5Fertilizing Pine Forests in the Gulf Coastal Plain with Nitrogen and PhosphorusDr. Cliff Snyder
6Foliar Nitrogen and Potassium Fertilization of CottonDr. Cliff Snyder,Dr. D. Oosterhuis,Dr. D. Howard,Dr. J.S. McConnell
6Research Programs in the Northcentral RegionDr. Scott Murrell
6Don't Forget Soil Test Calibration!Dr. Al Ludwick
6The Information Age...Soil Fertility Research for Production AgricultureDr. Tom W. Bruulsema
6Research Programs in the Midwest RegionDr. Harold Reetz
6P and K Build Crop Profits-High Yields Mean High ProfitsDr. Scott Murrell