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1Hybrid-Maize…Uncovering the Yield GapDr. Mike Stewart
1Fertilizer BMPs – How Do You Measure Up?Dr. Adrian Johnston
2Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Fertilizer NitrogenDr. Adrian Johnston
3Remember 2004 as 2005 Crop Management Plans Are FinalizedDr. Scott Murrell
5A Closer Look at Phosphorus Uptake by PlantsDr. Rob Mikkelsen
6Base Saturation and Basic Cation Saturation Ratios - How Do They Fit in Northern Great Plains Soil Analysis?Dr. Adrian Johnston
72004 Research Program Summaries—Southeast Region: Cotton, Forages, Forestry, Citrus, and MoreDr. Cliff Snyder
7Research in the Southern and Central Great Plains RegionDr. Mike Stewart
7Northcentral Phosphorus and Potassium Research Funded by the Foundation for Agronomic Research (FAR)Dr. Scott Murrell
7Research to Continuously Improve Nutrient ManagementDr. Tom W. Bruulsema
7Searching for Answers in 2004 and BeyondDr. Rob Mikkelsen
72004 Research Program Summaries—Southeast Region: Soybeans, Site-Specific Management, and RiceDr. Cliff Snyder
9High Fertilizer Prices: What Do I Do?Dr. Scott Murrell
10Northern Great Plains Research ReportDr. Adrian Johnston
10High-Priced Potash: Can I Cut Back?Dr. Tom W. Bruulsema
10High Fertilizer Prices: What to Do?Dr. Mike Stewart
10Managing with High Fertilizer PricesDr. Adrian Johnston
11High Fertilizer Prices: What Can I Do?Dr. Rob Mikkelsen
12Managing Phosphorus and Potassium for Maximum Alfalfa Yield and QualityDr. Rob Mikkelsen
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