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No. 1Role of Potassium in Crop EstablishmentDr. Terry L. Roberts
No. 2Knowledge is Never a BurdenDr. Albert E. Ludwick
No. 3Corn Responds to Seed-Placed PhosphorusDr. Tom W. Bruulsema
No. 4Review Your Nutrient Management Plans NowDr. Harold F. Reetz, Jr.
No. 5Intensive Soil Sampling: A Critical Step in Tapping Your Field's Hidden Yield PotentialDr. Paul E. Fixen
No. 6It's Not too Late to Apply Phosphorus for Soft Red Winter Wheat on Poorly-Drained SoilsDr. Cliff S. Snyder
No. 7Rice Responds to Phosphorus and PotassiumDr. Cliff S. Snyder
No. 8Cotton Petiole Analysis: A Useful Diagnostic ToolDr. Noble R. Usherwood

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