05 Jan 2018

The Webinar Series of WG08-Nutrient Decision Support for Soybean Systems

The IPNI WG08-Nutrient Decision Support for Soybean Systems has launched a Webinar Series on December 13 with the presentation of Dr. Svetlana Ivanova and Vladimir Nosov on "Improving Nutrient Management for High-Yielding Soybeans in Russia". The webinar discussed soybean crop nutrition issues for central and southern Russia based on recent field studies coordinated by IPNI and local partners.

The recording is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aohVHq3SFeI&feature=youtu.be

The webinar series will continue with presentations of the WG on developments at sub-Saharan Africa and Brazil on February 14, at China and India on February 28, and will close with the discussion of the joint research project at the US, Brazil, and Argentina, and an update on the latest information on biological N fixation in soybeans on March 14.
Please, visit http://www.ipni.net/webinar to register for the upcoming webinar of this series, the remaining schedule is as follows:
February 14
Kenya time
Integrated nutrient management practices for soybeans intensification in Sub-Saharan Africa
Shamie Zingore
Nutrient management of soybean in the Brazilian Cerrados
Eros Francisco
(IPNI Brazil)
February 28
Nutrient Expert: A fertilizer decision support tool for soybean
Ping He (IPNI China) and
Kaushik Majumdar (IPNI South Asia)
March 14
Breaking yield barriers in soybean through crop and nutrient management
Ignacio Ciampitti
(Kansas State Univ.)
Nitrogen nutrition: Would BNF be sufficient for high-yielding soybeans?
Fernando Salvagiotti
(INTA Oliveros-Argentina)

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