17 Oct 2016

Breaking yield barriers in soybean: Preliminary results of the second year of experimentation at Oliveros - Argentina

2015-16 season
WG08 - Maize trial at INTA Oliveros

In soybean, under yielding conditions around 4000-4500 kg ha-1, no significant effects of management were detected, but fertilizer management increased seed yield. This response would be associated to the soil chemical conditions, especially the low-medium soil Bray P.
In maize, grain yields were above 9900 kg ha-1, and also no effects of management were observed. Fertilization treatments had a significant impact in the early planting strategy, most probably associated with low available N at planting.

Other determinations (currently under analysis and/or in lab for analysis) include biomass accumulation and leaf area index during the crop cycle, crop nutrient uptake, and biological fixation in order to make nutrient balances. This information will be available in the next report.

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